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Point. Hey, everybody since you like stuff you should know, we're placing a pretty good bet that you'll love another podcast here on the stuff network up in vanished, and it's up for a second season and you're gonna love it. It's right. It's produced by Tinder, foot TV right here in Atlanta with our pals of advantage, they merged storytelling, an investigation highlighting a new missing persons, case each season and bringing you inside deep inside the investigation. Yeah, last season they took up a cold case for Tara Grinstead who's a former teacher and pageant Queen from here in Georgia who went missing. And as a result, the show led to a confession to arrests into pending trial. Now they're on season two and they're taking up another case of crystal an Resonator. Yeah. How about that? Crystal in removed a Crestone Colorado to pursue spiritual path is been missing since two thousand sixteen so pain in the gang or getting involved. They're gonna investigate further tracing crystals journey and asking for answers. Yep. Up in vanishes into available right now. Listen for free on. Apple podcast and join the conversation that up and vanished dot com. So before you freak out and in a pool of pure l. most of these germs are benign, like we've quoted all these tens of thousands and millions of germs and things most of them are benign and your body's going to take care of most of it too. But it only takes like, you know, when you find yourself wrenching over the toilet with a stomach virus, it might have just been one little that bacteria that got through all it takes his ten for salmonella to get you in a hundred for e-coli well, ten, ten little guys, the bottom of a woman's purse rain randomly. Girba again, ran up to some people was like, let me test your purse and he found from the hundreds to six point seven million on the bottom of one woman's purse. The decks is tenor hundred. He didn't say that that also had like pieces of potpie then they're probably reasons. Yeah, but I think though that does a good thing to go out on took you to get by reassuring everybody, that as long as you remain system is an order, you're probably okay. As far as these bacteria go, don't keep your tooth brushing your bathroom. So says our friends, girlfriend. Let's see. Before we say anything like a listener Mailer. Go find this article. I wanna do quick shout out. Okay, do it. Our kiva team Chuck recently hit a very significant milestone. One point, five million dollars in loans. Wow, that's enormous. What's key. Oh, yeah. Kiva kiva dot org, ISM microlending site where you can make loans in little twenty five dollars increments two people in the developing world to use for entrepreneurship that have their taxi license to buy oxen to retail close. What have you farming, whatever. And our kiva team has doled out one point, five million in these twenty five dollar loans. That's just such an amazing accomplishment. Yeah, when we started this, we had no idea that it was going to have like this. And I mean we're going to keep it going to ity. So we are one of the reasons I wanted to shout out is because we are resetting our goals. We're setting our goal, the two million dollars by the summer solstice June twenty-first. It's an international date, right? Yeah. And Glenn, the team leader at kiva came up with this. I think it's a sound idea. Yeah, thank you to Glennon Sonia as always. So we're going to. Two, two million by June twenty first. And if you want to join us in this, we are not the least bit exclusive for very inclusive in welcoming group of people. You can go to WWW dot kiva k. i. v. a. dot org slash team slash stuffy. She took and if you wanna know anything more about the five second rule type five second rule in the search bar house to calm. I said, search bar, so it's time for listener mail. It is Josh, this is we are just a few days away from our TV show premiere that when we would be remiss and now you're tired of hearing about it by now. I'm not. We would be remiss if we didn't remind everyone that on Saturday night at ten m. eastern on science channel, you're going to get to episodes of stuff you should know back to back the premiere episode to following the season. Premiere of Ricky Gervais says, idiot abroad. Yeah. Yeah, that comes on first. And then we come on at ten with two brand new, the first two episodes of stuff you should know the TV show. That's right. And if you do not have cable fear, not because as we have announced, you can purchase these episodes on itunes after they are released next day, and because we love everyone so much in the world, you can get the premiere episode for free on. I tunes. Yep. To just seek it out, download it, watch it and make some noise over at science channel on Twitter too. And we, we, we think you're gonna like it. It's a us. We play ourselves, but it's sitting like a kind of fictionalized version of the office, our office, and there's podcasting and action, and adventure, and all sorts of goodness. So it should be hopefully by likes it. Yeah. As we have said before, it's the real and fictional world spelling factual information. Tagline. All right. Hope you suck around for this because it's pretty good. This from been guy's name has been a thirty year old husband and father. Never consider myself. Very smart man did mediocre in high school. Not because of lack of trying. But because being used as a lazy student, and I was just socially awkward be honest. My wife has talked me into catching up with your podcast and since then I've got a smartphone and Denso all say, thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. It has helped me become a better husband and father. Let me explain after high school became a father to a beautiful boy with an ex girlfriend who is not the best person to some heart complications. My son Logan passed away four days after his first birthday. This resulted in me not following through with college shutting down emotionally, basically, becoming angry at the world in God for my son's passing, put it bluntly. I became someone who I said, I'd never would become full of eight years at followed in my life was just grey as I went through the motions of life. Things turned around when I met my wife. Jordan got married and had our son Raden and yes, I did name him rating after mortal combat. And then I was turned on your podcast after listening to over two hundred of them, you to opened a hard spot in my heart after listening to you guys in hearing how good natured you are. I myself have been trying to give everything in life affair chance become more of a good for the person who no longer that'll something bad with myself. Well, I know, right? I'm happier in life than ever before, and I have my wife and son and now Chuck Josh to thank for helping trying to further my education can't stop reading and learning and save your show. So when my one year old son is old enough, he can experience something to change his daddy's life for the better just like he and his mummy did. So I can't thank you guys enough done without even knowing it. Sometimes all it takes us good hearts and a good podcasts to make even small difference if you guys are evident. Hi. Oh, I went to play with drinking from vinca am Ben. Thank you for that. We're not even trying. I now did I read this stuff and I'm like, kidding me. That's pretty cool. What what are you supposed to say to that? Thank you. So thanks. If you wanna get in touch with the Chuck in me about five second rule, how about this? We want to know the nastiest thing you've ever eaten, but it was something that was prepared something that touch the ground. Tell us tell us your your nasty eating story. Yeah. And if you're one of those kids, I had friends in elementary school that would have gross eating contest that would like throw mashed potatoes on the foreign than eat them. I explored that once I was like, you know what? Maybe that kid, let's let's out an eight, a sticker that was on the ground with some hair to it, and I was like, need to keep seeking my persona. Not me. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, but we want to know about them, right? Yeah, can't believe you tell me that long. That story to eat too. At s. y. s. k. podcast join us on Facebook dot com slash stuff you should know. And as always you can send us an Email.

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