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Ninety nine closure through Seattle to go. Komo's Ryan Harris tells us much of the heavy final work is about to wrap up part of why the State Department of transportation needed to close ninety nine for three weeks was the time it takes concrete poured for roads and barriers to cure tunnel project manager, Dave sour says those big pores are about done and crews have worked on road striping that can't be done in the rain is coming from green lake for example, would have seen all new striping at the north portal. And there'll be more of that this weekend in early into next weekend getting that much closer to opening tunnel. And speaking of the tunnel opening their roughly one hundred thousand people signed up to go sixty six thousand for the big party next Saturday, plus those in the run and bike ride so wash dot Steve. Pierre says pack their patients, and they should come using public transportation. There's no parking available combo tunnel and viaduct walk tickets are sold out, but you can still get them individually for those slots later that Saturday afternoon, Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Well, it's been a rough commute on I five through Seattle a bus carrying college athletes catching fire it happened on northbound five near the Spokane street exit the bus carrying the Stanford track and field team. Release members of that team including MacKenzie little who appeared in an Instagram video on the NC double a track and field feed. Tell. Exploited. So far. It's not clear. What exactly started this fire some speculation? It may have been a tire. Komo news time six four AAA traffic every ten minutes on the four SU Romero we know that the impact of that kind of an incident on the highway.

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