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This is jammed swept and you're listening to discover Lafayette. A podcast dedicated to the people and rich culture of Lafayette the gateway to sound Louisiana. Will usually tape in the offices of Raider today we're taping at my home. But I do want to thank Raider hands on it service provider, that integrates. For Advanced Technical Support Effective communication options and cybersecurity raiders motto. Is You just wanted to work? We understand. Please visit Raider Solutions. Dot Com for more information. I'd like to thank Berea, Bank our premier sponsor they support our community in so many ways, and their dynamic team is committed to serving the banking needs of clients in this region, and throughout the southeastern United States I very bank offers the resources of National Bank with the personal touch of a community bank. Please visit. Iberia Bank Dot Com for more information. The generosity of Lafayette. General Health also makes this podcast possible. Lafayette General has been a leader in telemedicine with the health anywhere. APP Your family can access quality urgent care at anytime without an appointment all from the comfort of your home. It's the waiting room redefined download the APP today at algae health anywhere dot com. Dr Tina. Stefanski medical director of the Regional Office of Public Health is our guest doctors fan scheme overseas, the seven parish region of accounting for the Department of Health in all matters, relating to maintaining and protecting the health of our citizens, doctors to Fan Ski, graduated from the Lsu School of Medicine and completed her pediatric residency program at Lsu School of Medicine's medical clinic and children's Hospital in New Orleans before joining. D. H. Age Doctors Stefanski welcome to discover Lafayette. Aren't thank you so much..

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