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Volley that was from paul book super movement from two minutes later inch to two once again poor pumper finding the back of it next time alexa scientists partner from the other side of the park is a front tacit ball to pick out a fantastic run from pole noble of the back of mandy greet head nobody traction who's incredible the nova truck the gordon the box then it would get worse for manchester city alexis sanchez plays it in chris morning great to get the highline mancha city takes the perfect ball in here from zero side of side it's the highland stock position is a great city thank macabre worry debroy jesu guerra coming on controversy here should this avena penalty one hundred percent of pregnancy is into the challenge is red card as well read up solutely look what was stugz shin over the talk with the ball that potentially lead break to be given nothing walls given eight hundred nine minutes and water safe from the nyack where very many of this a long long time not his outstanding six met with a plumb water reaction and then somehow vol still crossed the line for manages the city ruling again yeah so the kim bit little bit quicker this time water game the city fans thought they'd be separate rate in the premier league sites in the end lose three to just take a look at the stat twenty shots from sixty six on goal manchester united meanwhile forefront we believe in expected goals the city three point two two matches ninety one point three for net united who get all three points that's the only staff appliances this is party over there have to say after the game.

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