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Most people this fact if you are governor weighs heavily in your decision of when and how to re open the economy there is risk there's no risk free option here the nineteen so far killed more than fifty thousand people in the U. S. I asked Gina Raymondo to describe what it was like when the disease first hit Rhode Island I cannot describe to you the chaos in the first few weeks of this we were so poorly prepared for this crisis like the federal government was absolutely not ready federal stockpile wasn't where it should have and they moved much too slowly to ramp up manufacturing of PP and testing so we were just scrambling for too long and we're behind you know we've been playing catch up from day one because we one of the first states to have a case within a week I have banned large gatherings as one of the first states to do that close schools one of the first states to do that at the time I got a lot of pushback people said it's not necessary or overreacting pushback internally externally from where constituents in Rhode Island I remember the first call I had to have with Sarah bishop which is a difficult call and I asked him if he would please consider suspending Sunday mass and at the time and he was excellent in cooperatives that reluctant at that time and the course eventually he did do what in hindsight was clearly the right thing everybody cooperated and as a result now we you know it worked we never had the extreme spikes our health care system has never been overwhelmed Rimando had chewed temporary hospitals billed for the third on the way totalling one thousand beds so far they have been needed I mean it's still all horrible I'd like the amount of Kane and suffering and economic hardship is so extensive and extreme but you know two weeks ago when I was looking in our models we were looking at a need for six or seven thousand hospital beds that was a scary place to pay those models persuaded a bunch of governors to take extreme action do you have any reservations now about having followed those extreme models we think it was ultimately the right man ultimately the right now in late March when it's becoming clear that New York was a hot spot you were sending.

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