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Night operations are also still a challenge without a waiver and drones over fifty five pounds drones greater than fifty five pounds will be big no pun intended and currently not many people are thinking about him but likely because they will require special exemptions to operate commercially currently the fa released their aerospace forecast for 2017 to twenty thirty seven report they estimate that over the next five years they will be more than three point five million hobbyists drones and four hundred twenty thousand commercial drones in the united states there are currently more than seven hundred and seventy thousand drones registered to fly in the us gaining one hundred thousand plus users in just three months from january to march 2017 insane growth shakeups funding and mergers and acquisitions iris automation raised one and a half million bucks to help drouin cents and avoid obstacles as i talked about with cofounder alex harm sin in episode number forty one of the podcast perret fired one third of their entire drone team which is 33 percent now pivoting focus to the commercial industry go pro released the karma after the huge goofed up where the drone was launched and then recalled just days later and you can hear the entire backstory on the gopro karma drones crashing back to earth in episode number forty of the podcast lilley robotics fell spectacularly out of the sky in a ball of somewhat welldeserved flames they were sued by the city of san francisco and investigations are underway.

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