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You have to worry about your athletic director your president. You're managing the players. You're managing your coaching staff. You're managing the athletes other people the athletic trainers, as well grades matter matter managing that. Whereas in football to be a head coach in the NFL lead men, and then you got to figure out the quarterback, especially with these teams not all teams are comprised that way. But with these teams specifically that fired their coaches all of them needed to fix the quarterback. You know, it it is interesting. So I don't know if this is a big story today, but Cuyler Murray I would draft now. I if I needed a quarterback, I think he's going to work in the NFL. I don't think he's Trevor Lawrence a Clemson. But I think he in two to it Alabama. Kyla Marie Oklahoma are gonna work. It's funny. I think fans think you'll never get hurt in baseball baseball pays more. It's actually not the truth. Right. I actually spent a segment while you're out and you're skiing. You're going down the slopes and joy was gallivanting around Miami. I actually spent a good amount of time on this while you're out, which is people don't realize Aaron judge even made six hundred thousand dollars last year. This is his fifth year as a professional athlete after playing the Yankees gate. Well, John Carlos now, John coast ends in his second deal. There's about ten of these colossal deals in the NFL. Kyla Murray's never going to get one. Right. He's he's talking baseball. Right. He's a five foot ten outfielder or second band. He's not a pitcher. And he's not a prodigious home run hit. Right. He's not going to get generate one of those per money. Additionally, it's easier to. Make to sign a professional contract in baseball. But you're not actually a major leaguer. Whereas if you're a first round pick, you get a four year guaranteed contract and there's a positive quarterbacks in this year's draft. So yes, it's smarter. For him to go out. Now will he work? He's a combination of Doug Flutie with with with my headaches. Lamar Jackson worked. He's better throw within Lamar. He'll work announced. Listen, Johnny Manziel small. He's tiny like legitimately a small human being, right? All right. Let's go back to the NFL. So we have four games as we got join our talking about this the audience sometimes thinks we root for a lot of different things we root for interesting. We all you do in big markets. Yeah. It helps with the Dallas Cowboys win. We the Lakers winning the Yankees winning the cubs winning, you know, top eight ten markets. Those are good for our business nothing against Westbrook. But if they dominated the league, and they were playing the Pacers. It wouldn't be good for our business. I can assure you ESPN's got the NBA they like San Francisco having a dominant team, and they want to have one. And they're praying. Somebody goes to the Knicks here eventually, okay, that's the truth. So let's look at these games. The Rams Cowboys is interesting. We all think McVeigh's genius. What is the story Monday? If the Cowboys come in here and win and McVeigh's zone. Two and everybody hired McVeigh's guys. And you're thinking this McVeigh thing ain't that great. I think there's massive pressure on the Rams. Well, I think there's massive pressure on the Rams, I think that there will be people. And maybe it'll be you that a point out McVeigh's not that great. I would I would I would disagree. I think he is great. But I think it's gotten to the point where the hype train surpass reality totally fair. But they are the number two seed, right? And they end playing with the first place scheduled for last year like they're pretty good football team. And they've they stabilize things and they've gotten a lot out of Jared Goff, even if he's regress some here. The last couple of weeks of the season. I think this the story of the Rams is that they are poorly constructed, right? You mentioned bringing in a backup to Todd Gurley. Remember, they were the ones who a year early went in and reworked his contract. They had all these frontloaded contracts, and because of it they don't have the depth that some of these other teams have and when they've had attrition and injuries, and then offensive line all sudden breaks down suddenly some of the weaknesses get exposed. Think Cooper Cup getting hurt. Hurt them as well. We'll we'll the narrative be yes. Sean McVeigh to home playoff games to home playoff losses. Absolutely..

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