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Says Charlotte still should prove that hate exists in Virginia Hey M. white supremacist violence that can threaten the Jewish communities also pose a threat to Muslims Hindus and Sikhs the African American community L. G. B. T. Americans and others who do not comport to someone's twisted and narrow definition of who belongs and who is a part of our Commonwealth in our country hearings we introduced bills that would widen who could be considered a target of a hate crime keep guns from people convicted of those crimes and band para military activities Neil log in staying WTOP noon while hard to believe Superbowl Sunday is tomorrow some big celebrities will appear of course in the millions has abated commercials this year's Superbowl ads include MC hammer afraid to touch is piano with cheetahs on his fingers wait a choice this Sam Elliott's moving old town road for dear readers who he in the bread or stick is to and nobody tell me nothing and Jimmy Fallon and John Cena plugging Michelob ultra working out so this gives you a lighter side of things overall fox sold seventy seven national commercials at five point six million dollars per thirty second slot watch the ads on WTOP dot com Jason Frehley deputy of it is five fifty four will check money news next it was all a VP of digital marketing for the American management association a company focused on the management.

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