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And in your house that could shock. You and the young lady came up the idea that you could just stay in A room of you get in the closet. Whatever the parents came in to get the bender, Doral, closed and locked, And whatever somebody came to the door, gave an opportunity too quickly, Run it in the closet and opened up the doors if maybe she was changing or something. That is insane. Terrifying. I mean, Ken, you is somebody who doesn't have Children clear? I don't know if they ever well can your kid like, Can this happen under the nose of a good parent? I guess that I guess that's my question. Will It would have to be very difficult because you know you don't go toss your kid's room like it's a prison cell. Sometimes you don't go in there for a while. But I mean to not notice that there's a dude living in your daughter's closet. That seems a little negligent. Yeah, His name is Jonathan Russ Mon and according to deputies, Ross Mon in the 15 year old girl met online two years ago through a virtual reality social platform known a Tzvi Our chat. The platform allows users to interact with others using three D avatars. Investigators say. On several occasions, Ross Simone drove from Louisiana to Spring Hill to have sex with the victim. They kept the bedroom door closed and locked, and whenever someone came into the door gave them the opportunity to run and hide. The man was arrested on Sunday when the teen's parents discovered him after hearing noises coming from the bedroom. That is absolutely insane. I mean, can you think of anything worse as the as the parent of a 15 year old girl than finding a grown ass man living in their closet? There'd be a dead grown ass man in that closet. That's the thing. How does that man make it out alive? How does he make it out of that you a situation alive at all? Sticking with the same theme. And there's one quote in this story that I want to dig into Aah! Little bit more than the story itself. A former Wisconsin school staffer who was accused of sexually abusing a 16 year old student was sentenced to six months in jail with the judge branding her the nightmare of every parent, Courtney Rose. Now ski. She's 32 pled. No contest, one count of exposing intimate parts to a child. Under a plea deal that saw most of the serious sexual charges dropped. Here's the thing in the.

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