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On the interception point after by but less Nia's good and suddenly being bang boom. It's 27 to 10 Georgia has taken over command of this ball game. With 2 53 to go in the quarter. The defense just continues to be a president, especially against the run the Razorbacks only 39 yards. On the ground. Almost threw a full three quarters now 204 yards total, But you're right. The dog started take this football game over. Georgia Metals Dr Summary That's an easy 11 play as an interception return by Eric Stokes of 30 yards. And Georgia adds to its lead up now by 17 from a doghouse to a dog's house. Georgia medals has got you covered. Time for a Merryweather and Thorpe, scoreboard update. Merryweather and Thorpe You have questions way have answers in the SEC skin, a chin scratcher going on in Baton Rouge, Mississippi State, which apparently is just folded up the record books for passing and throw them in the trash with Mike Leach today. They have surpassed their passing numbers and they lead l s u 34 to 24 with 12 40 to go in the fourth quarter here, it's 27 to 10. Now The dogs trailed 7 to 5 at halftime. 27 to 10 now is Georgia has Assumed control of this ball game. Our second half is brought to you by first Franklin Financial making loads to Georgians for over 75 years. Tell it to team so far for the Georgia Bulldogs self inflicted wounds in the first half. We've eliminated those.

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