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Replacement for dce headquarters I'm Jeff label 1218 Traffic and weather on the 8s and Rita Kessler Well it's already started the trip to the bay bridge is going to take you a little longer than you thought it would a little while ago Eastbound 50 Delays are back to cape saint Clair already trying to head towards sandy point The good news is it's starting to ease back a bit because they have started two way traffic on the westbound span of the bridge So three lanes running eastbound two lanes starting westbound but again at the moment Delays are near cape saint Clair and saint Margaret's road Now we also have a delay on the beltway that's almost back to two 14th central avenue This is the inner loop headed past route four but before Allentown road and joint base Andrews the crash had been along the left side of an overturned vehicle a lot of the vehicles over on the right shoulder so not sure if they've gotten everything out of the way to the right or whether there was still something to look at over on the left side Now the inner loop of the beltway in Virginia delays our after two 36 in annandale trying to head towards 66 there were reports of work and a crash in the area outer live delays out of Tyson's towards 66 watch for work stretching onto the ramp to westbound 66 and eastbound 66 is heavy from one 23 toward nutley with the work taking a lane Southbound George Washington Parkway the delay is passing one 23 toward the scenic overlooks This was a single lane getting by the work southbound 95 after the fairfax county Parkway the work may be cleared the delay has eased delays then crossing the anakan and then in dumfries in stretches all the way into Fredericksburg Your northbound 95 volume is from 6 ten garrisonville road in stretches all the way into woodbridge once you cross the Auckland it is good in the Springfield Now back in Maryland east by 73 70 before shady grove road the crash had been along the right side We also had an earlier wreck on southbound Connecticut avenue after soul road southbound D.C. two 95 near benning wrote a broken down truck in the center of the roadway Transform your smile with G four by gulp as precision implant dentistry technology Schedule your consultation today and get 5% off your procedure visit G four by gulpa dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic And now we turn to our forecast storm team force Mike stennis We may see a few peaks of sunshine through the cloud cover this day after there will be a slight chance for shower A rather muggy afternoon with highs in the low mid.

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