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You can follow. Dave Mason on Twitter at Dave Mason, Dave one game left on the NFL docket. What's the betting handle look like so far as we sit about seventy two hours away from kickoff betting handle from the roof, especially early early actions. Crazy got steady will slow and steady early action. When the patriots as small dogs meeting pick them. Through the roof going to be humongous Rams fans. Super Bowl Sunday. Not only get spread. But the money line is well what we got here at seven eight percent seventy nine eighty percent of the money is on the patriots currently modest two and a half about seventy five percent of the money line action is on the patriots currently minus one thirty eight. The toll was not a huge decision yet about fifty five percent of the action is on the over so far. But, but yeah, it's kind of one of those spreads where usually you need underdog on a spread the favorite on the money line. But that's not the case we we're gonna need to dog on both big. It's pretty pretty crazy. 'cause I mean, you talked about it and paying I know you, and I have broken this down in the past typically the recreational better once about the favourite lay in the points here. She's going to back the underdog on the money line the books at least put themselves in a good spot. Apparently, not quite the case for what Dave San. No, it doesn't sound like it. And I think it's a just a different game here because we're looking at a line. That's roughly picked the winner to the the recreational better. Dave disquiet question here talking about the spread a little bit more internally. Have you guys discussed going to three in if so at what point do envision going there? You know, it's we know we all know on this call at least why that number's not at three right? Sharp axe at some point. And you know, that goes three that there's a bunch of people out there. Looking chops waiting for that three? So, you know, be bad Super Bowl. It's a last game of the year. It depends on that red number man on you know, the guys upstairs who hated him out a little playback thing. Yeah. Play back in we get and it's not going to be free, for God's sakes might be a few seconds to get some big Texan just get some money down. But, but no, I mean, you know, it's it's we all know that you gotta pay attention that sharp action more than the public action. And that's that's the way we do things here in union square books. Don't take shar backs you might get that three, but we take significant amount of short back shit. So. Should be there. But I wouldn't say I say essay, minus four hundred stays at two and a half Loof. Interesting too steep line. That's a steep steep number there. Yeah. Have you seen any sharp action? Come in early at this point side or total. Side patriots early when their goals. I mean that that you know, pickle pick them better. But you know, that was early onto the limits were dead high. So we do know that why sharp action wakes to Linnet at very high told a little bit on the not too much. A lot in the first half. I would assume more so. Yeah. Okay. Interesting in props. How those look anything that's pretty interesting in terms of liability any games or any props? Maybe you've had to take off the board anything crazy with the proper action, but online dot AG. About the Arctic rock to retire people, counting the hell. Interview last night. He did I don't know be sold interview. But about injuries and stuff most serious interview of ever seen Iran do in step. I think they got good value. There we close the Reito's what will color three does bag. They the first rita's -mercial and people would also start pounding the favorite read. I mean, it's pretty heavy favorite. But they start pounding in. And the our props Magara close into some research. Look like the commercial about leak or something. So it did. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. Aso? Especially some of these accounts highlighted sharp county people that there in the spread and other been fricking, everything frigging dorito, commercial bags and stuff. But whatever. So hey, good engine this business wherever you can find Dave..

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