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About a possible standoff in the foot hit Foothill Farms area apartments at Auburn and Garfield and Dana yet you know anything new about that. Just still see a lot of heavy traffic in that area, which means it is moving slowly and maybe being redirected. What have you but it is Auburn Boulevard de Garfield Foothill Farms area on again. We have hemlock being Somehow affected there as his Garfield at this time, So you got slow down in the area and palm to throw that in his well, all being affected in that area because of this supposed armed standoff report brought to you by Cal Hope and the California Department of Health Care Services Right now downtown and split. You're looking about eight minutes, maybe even seven. On Cap City Freeway. We do have something was about an ardent way. Three vehicles in the center divide with debris in the number one lane. Just pop it up. Spoke to Roosevelt. Eight minutes on the eastbound 80 11 minute ride. They'll grow by 5 10 minutes on 99 18 minutes downtown to Folsom on eastbound 50. It's gonna be downtown the woodland in 16. Minutes on north Found high five and nine minutes. Get you out to Davis Westbound 80. You're feeling anxious, stressed or lonely in these difficult Coben times, call Cal hope at 833317 hope that's 833. 3174673 or visit Cal hope that order to talk to someone who could help hope will persevere. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Data has news 93.1 kfbk. Thank you, Dana. Have a good evening. Now you're kfbk forecast will be clear and cooler tonight. Breezy this evening. Well, ceelo tonight 38 To 42 tomorrow Expect plenty of sunshine will reach a high tomorrow 64.

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