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Have the overhead shot this is the one with two big ones and too little ones and it's the it's the old what are you what what's what font is that what you call that fought to kind of futuristic fought it's what they thought the featured look like a 1978 let's bring you guarantee fund isn't that cool i love that's the one put that on the windows of apple park which is these little ones i can't wait to use these whis is this is apple vintage day this is six colors jason jason snell this is six co that's why should give these two anyway if you guys want wants some i'll put him in the mail to i have quite a few and thank you sir appreciate it let's see what else wearables are growing big but of course that's only because it's the apple watch wearables grew seven point seven percent in the fourth quarter of last year according to idc but almost all the demand was for apple watches and twenty one percent market share fifth at this some good stuff it bit somebody called me because i was talking about the fact that apple kind of owned fitness sector and said you know the garmin hr is an amazing runners watch with gps it's less expensive nia apple watch but but here's the difference i think that there are a lot of people that would like to have a fitness watch there are fewer people who would like to have an advanced fitness watch but everybody wants a cool wristwatch yes and that's what that's what apple has tapped into it's it's still a topdrawer fitness watch but even if you have the physique of one that like us like you and me and i didn't want to i did wanna say at uber looking a little bit.

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