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Hundred fifty four passing yards six touchdowns plus fifty three rushing I wanna say like five of those touchdowns came in the first half. So just one person me, but if a car Rudolph, so let me explain the reason why I made the case for off before we get to the others and also received votes when I think about a player that seemingly came out of nowhere. Like, I wouldn't vote for someone that wasn't being you. Allies in lineups at all not a single person. Playing in the championship was like. Yep. Can't wait to insert Blake jar win in week seventeen. Howard up as a player that you had stood by throughout the season. Not because he had been good. But because no tight ends are good. There's literally like three good tight ends. So without a reasonable option to replace Colorado with you probably just tried to figure it out at other business you set out. Hopefully, my running backs are good enough to win this week. He went eleven straight games without a touchdown. He had five catches for thirty yards over the two weeks prior to this game. And on that game. He came out with thirty three point two fantasy points of close. Of course, the hail Mary at the end of the first half of monster monster game, like I would not be surprised if covered off with started in like, I don't know like a reasonable amount of leagues that were still playing in week seventeen wouldn't stunned me. Whereas I think some of the other guys in this list, Nomo planum, hence, my reasoning. Well, we all play in the war room league writer at at ESPN and the the champion of the league. Seth Markman our fearless leader who oversees all the NFL coverage for ESPN who plays league won the league this year. And he did it in part because of Derrick Henry who was my vote. So I really looked at the the description here the best performance that seemingly came out of nowhere. That's the first sentence of the description here, and you think about Derrick Henry who has certainly rostered and tunnel leagues. And in fact, he was started the reason I bring up Seth is because Derrick Henry is one of the reasons he won the championship. He started him in this week fourteen. We certainly heard from a number of people on Twitter that lost because they were facing Derrick Henry or manage to survive in advance because of Derrick Henry you think about Jacksonville entering week fourteen second he was running back points allowed six running back rushing yards allowed seven fewest running back yards per game. So it was a very good run defense for Jacksonville. And then Derrick Henry if you think back to that week three game when the titans and the Jaguars played the first time of the season. Derrick Henry got. More carries in week three at Jacksonville eighteen than he did in this game. He managed a sixty seven yards. So he'd already failed basically against Jacksonville. They were red hot Dion Lewis had been been more of the primary guy. However he had been scoring touchdowns coming into that game. And so people I think reluctantly started him hoping he would fall into the into the end zone. Seventeen carries two hundred thirty eight yards. Four touchdowns. Forty seven point eight fantasy points came out of nowhere to me. He's the winner. You got the vote as well. Yeah. Pretty much the same stats that. I was looking at. And it was the, you know, if you follow this podcast for a while we and we're talking about this before show. You've heard us use the term fantasies on being the way. This is a player. We are trying to side if you really qualified as that because he wasn't really good to start the season and then disappeared, but I think the expectation was Derrick Henry was gonna have so much more opportunity with DeMarco Murray being gone, you thought he was going to be a solid performer. It didn't happen you probably gave up on him. And then these these few weeks at the end of the season came out of nowhere. Congratulations. Derrick Henry who wins award one warned to goes to the show. That is not what we practiced at all..

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