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Some like if just ten percent of the people on reddit are morons uh you're gonna one out of ten post is going to be from some moron like there's a bad idea that highly up voted on reddit every day in like your worst nightmare would be a season eight written by the consensus apps are slash game of thrones at our slash asi olaf it would w x y z like it would be terrible so let's all keep that in mind as were piling on the double dis um ah let's see paul us my name is eddie now question for game of thrones podcasts weird replaceball although named paul acid for named eddy what the fuck without at him out of that happened i dunno are eddie let's let's try to get through this together zipping counterfire bittersweet into this is email any thoughts as the y jamie lee answered in that take the latest army with him at the end of last season he is the head of the latest or house an army sort of made since the he would have taken what he was his when he left treating like a divorce jamie saying i'm taking the army with me and you can use our cell swords historic leaders of armies have taken advantage of the loyalty of troops the half were them for their own gain yeah has got than listen to a six hour uh dan carlos podcast it's all about julius caesar doing that in fright um i i think if he tries he's like i'm leaving are you going to have the mountain kept me down oh and also i'm taking your armies with me she probably does cut him down and it's also big question about whether the general's i guess of the lancaster army would if if the queen was saying like i want you to do this and he was and i wanted to do that how many would go with.

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