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Were made twenty thirty years ago by people that are dead. So the whole notion of politicizing environmental issues to me is absurd it's just following God's practice you know cleanliness is next to godliness wouldn't. You can debate forever whether there's climate change the Dave I move next door to you and I opened an egg decide on another smoking I start smoking hands and put up ten smokers in the smoke is wafting into your yard. That's just not good. That's not nice. So I don't really want to get into the environmental area. But because it's not my area of expertise, but it's not good for shareholders to kick environmental and safety risks down the road and that's another element of share of me of grasshopper capless. Yeah. It's pay now or pay later right so ultimately. I think it's unfair to the later votes. Yeah I think that's a really good spot for us to take a commercial break. So folks in the production area we're going to pause here bruce don't go anywhere. We'll pay a few bills and come back and continue this conversation with Bruce. Bolger. Plus this This. Assets. Don't drink. Listen what will make your event simply beautiful is it your attire? Your decorations, your entertainment. Will join me a leashes simone as I chat with some amazing vendors and clientele who share their stories and images and their experiences right here on. Tuesday eleven thirty, A. M. and Wednesday at four PM. It will be simply beautiful. See then. Welcome back to behind the numbers I'm Dave bookbinder. Today, we're talking about stakeholder capitalism with the founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Bruce Bolger Bruce good stuff in that first segment I WANNA kick off this second segment with something it's timely. Just this week the SEC made an announcement regarding some human capital disclosures that are long-awaited and for some people. They thought it was a little bit weak in terms of what the ultimately offered Why don't you tell the audience a little bit about what those disclosures are your thoughts on just how far they've gone and where else they could go maybe. And.

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