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Sport from around the world here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. RMC is reporting that Neymar is looking to leave PSG this summer with a club willing to let the 30 year old leave before his contract runs out in 2026. Sources say Juventus has interest in the striker, with Chelsea and Newcastle United also looking to make a move for the Brazil international. AES reports that Neymar's representatives have already begun discussions with Juventus regarding a possible move. Sport in Spain says that Barcelona will make one more offer to Bayern Munich for Robert Lewandowski in the range of €50 million, but the belief being that the Bundesliga giants will finally let the 33 year old lead Germany for a new challenge. Lewandowski has made it clear he does not want to continue with Byron and wants to play in the Catalan capital. Sky Sports though is reporting that Byron is sticking with a firm €60 million valuation for the Poland international. The Colorado avalanche are looking to wrap up the franchise's first Stanley Cup since the 2002 1001 season as the abs are in Tampa facing the two time defending champion lightning in game 6 with Colorado leading the series three games to two. Tampa center brayden point is missing his fourth straight game due to lower body injury originally suffered on May 14th. Atlanta Braves star Ronald lacuna junior is not in the lineup tonight against the LA Dodgers after fouling a ball off his left foot on Saturday. Acuna who returned earlier this year from a torn ACL says, he can't put pressure on the ailing foot. On the season the 24 year old is hitting two 81 is 7 home runs in 18 RBIs in 43 games. I'm Dan sportsman that your Bloomberg world sports op aid. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick take. This is a Bloomberg business lash. Asian equity futures are higher this morning, part of this is due to the sell off in commodities. Natural gas caught in wheat and nickel all down about 15 to 30% over the past week or two, oil has dropped from more than $120 to about one O 5 one O 6 sibel. The change in the price of some of these commodities can impact headlines CPI numbers, and this could have implications for central banks, not least of which the U.S. Federal Reserve. But has inflation peaked and where does it settle? South Korea and Australia see their inflation issues still worsening. You heard that from Australian treasurer Jim Chalmers and also South Korea's KBS news reports that Solzhenitsyn see the inflation rate at 6% or more in June, that would be the highest level in more than two decades. Treasury yields have retreated on worries about economic growth, although in this last session, they climbed a four basis points for the yield on the two year and the ten year three O 6 and three 13, but we are seeing some improvement in China's economy and that could be a positive for global growth coming up. So here are some of the numbers acting index futures up 9 tenths of a percent similar gains for China futures. S&P E minis, though, down about a quarter percent, EK futures 26, 8 8 5, and that would be about 400 points above the cash close on Friday. That is a check of markets. Headline news now with head Baxter in San Francisco. All right, thank you very much, Ryan, a group of 7 is focused on the global economy, climate change, and Ukraine. And the U.S. UK Japan Canada plan to announce a ban on new gold imports from Russia, Shanghai's declared victory in defending the city from any more damage from

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