Kim Jong Un, President Trump, United States discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Country's interest to relinquish his nuclear program and jeff i mean it would certainly be an understatement to say that there there's a lot riding on this meeting of both for president trump and and for kim jong un although for kim jong un he has already what his father and grandfather did not and certainly long for which was sort of a a legitimate sation of of meeting the president of the united states of being on the world stage with other world leaders he hasn't d enersen me he is one in many respects i was out on the streets of singapore last evening has kim jong was you know essentially going around and seeing the sights he rarely if ever leaves the his regime he rarely leaves north korea there he was getting somewhat of a positive welcome here so he has one in many respects because he is now on the world stage everyone is watching this meeting president trump though is trying to ease concern of allies i'm told that he has had conversations with the prime minister shinzo abe japan he said a conversations with the leader of south korea as well president moon jaein so this is something that the president trump is trying to reassure others that everything will go fine in this meeting but interesting for forty five minutes a one on one conversation with translators only certainly is going to set the table for how the rest of this day is going to unfold then their advisers are coming in i'm told they'll meet for about an hour and a half or so and then they're scheduled to have a working lunch but.

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