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Seven tomorrow on Carol Daniel we'll check the complete forecast, for you coming up at twelve oh, four President Trump has announced a trade agreement with Mexico he. Intends as a, successor to NAFTA Bill Reinsch with the center for strategic and international, studies offers this view of. The preliminary, deal with Mexico the important issue I think now is whether Canada will come in the idea of NAFTA from the beginning was to have an integrated North American market. Dividing it up into separate US Mexico, separate US. Canada pieces I think would, be a good. Thing The statue of liberty being evacuated as a precaution after propane fire erupted and a construction. Area on liberty island park spokesman Jerry Willis says visitors were ushered Tway plaza a safe distance from the fire which began minutes ago all the ferries, run by our transportation concessionaire back, to, cruises come to the island to remove everyone from me me Governor Mike parson has appointed the head of the Missouri state highway patrol to permanently, take over as director of the department of public safety announcing patrol Colonel Sandra Kirsten's appointment to the cabinet position today karston rather previously announced he was retiring from the patrol the governor had previously tapped her to become, acting, public, safety director September, first she, replaces director drew June who's was who is stepping down at the end of August juden had been appointed by former governor grinds who resigned after facing potential. Impeachment proceedings parson says karston is a leader with, a distinctive. Level of integrity and respect with whom he has a good relationship kmox news time twelve oh to court documents say Columbia Missouri man who used bitcoins in an attempt. To buy a highly toxic chemical through, the mail may have been trying to kill a woman who rejected him the Columbia daily Tribune reports forty four year old, Jason Williams Eisner made an initial appearance on a. Single Charge of tempting to purchase toxic poison to use as a weapon Tim garrison US attorney for the western district of Missouri says in a news release there are. No allegations that, a. Public, attack was planned, and at, the age and wrote in the affidavit that target was a dentist in writings found at the suspect's home the suspect who shot a man who was jogging. On a trail at Francis how high school last, November has. Been sentenced to twenty two years in prison Joshua Curtis a Winfield sentenced. After pleading guilty, to first degree, assault, an armed criminal action Kurdish Shotley thirty six show after he passed him on the. Hamburg trail the victim treated. For a bullet wound and released Curtis had apparently been living in the woods near the trail for, a couple of months before the attack they gathered under the under the arch this. Morning to reflect on the great flood. Of ninety Ninety-three tragic event the flood. Lasted a full five months and eventually cost up to, fifty lives Saint Louis city emergency management agency Commissioner Gary Crispin said, important lessons were learned and steps taken to mitigate. Future flood damage heard about the FEMA bios I think that was probably one of the better programs that came. Out of FEMA following the ninety three Floyds to ensure that we were moving people, out of areas that are flawed that was a life saving measure that I know today has saved wanna live one thing that all the officials who spoke stressed however is. Mother nature is going to go where she wants to go regardless of what. May be done to prevent flooding so the great flood of Ninety-three could someday Be equalled or surpassed. The business Bank of Saint Louis business desk Foxconn technology group says it will invest one hundred million. Dollars in engineering and innovation research at the university of Wisconsin Madison it chose Wisconsin for its first plant, outside of Asia after receiving generous incentives from the state Foxconn says the plan could cost up to ten, billion and eventually employ thirteen thousand. People the Dow from stifle ahead two hundred and sixty six points the camel x. forecast excessive heat warning in effect seven PM tomorrow, the, real feel temperatures will reach. Five the next couple of days breezy hot..

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