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Council wants more accountability from police in the wake of officer involved shootings, but it put off discussion about forming a citizen review panel. I'm rob statler? Roasting hot weather by the time we get to the weekend could be some record highs being set Friday through Sunday. Tonight's low with some cloud cover sixty three enjoy it will we've gone it a few. Pop-up storms eighties Thursday, roasting hot nineties over the weekend. I'm meteorologist Mark tibido from the Weather Channel. I'm one of six one FM talk next news in thirty minutes. Follow us on social media. Go to one six one FM talk dot com to connect. Well, you know what they say showers bring may flowers and that's great for the outside of your home for the inside a home with summer just around the corner. You need something from fifty floor, beautiful durable. New flooring, the kids, the pets, everyone's coming in and out dirty wet, muddy shoes. You know, the drill will fifty four comes to your home at the latest colors and trends in your lighting and core. And let me tell you all my friends have used fifty floor. Absolutely loved the experience. Installations breeze to they moved the furniture, install the new flooring in a professional manner, and then all it all away. Call eight seven seven fifty four right now for your. Free estimate and between now and the end of the month, you'll get free installation, free installation on all carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl and fifty floor offer same as cash financing, as long as the balances paid off within the terms of the agreement. And if you use the promo code radio, that's radio, they'll give you another hundred bucks off. Call eight seven seven fifty floor or go to fifty floor dot com today. The phone, we'll be knocking. The iheartradio app has become number one for podcasts with a catalog that has exploded to over a quarter million of the best podcast from around the globe. I heart radio you follow your favorite podcast to get real time updates when new episodes drop. Plus, you can sit your podcast.

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