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Westbound traffic it's a very slow goal from the Los across to the I. seventy five interchange checking the forecast rainy and breezy today with a high of forty showers tonight low thirty six it will wake up to rain tomorrow morning that bring will mixed with snow through the day as we had a high of thirty eight right now with light rain were at thirty five degrees I'm John Bailey on the patriot FM one a one point five at eight AM fourteen hundred you look amazing what's the secret are you sick number three sixty smart he chooses the comfort on his side to sign we feel great can help keep you sleep senses are movements and a chance to keep us both comfortable all night I don't think it is seven thousand dollars on the green street number three sixty special editions more bad now seventeen ninety nine plus special financing and Saturday find your local sleep number store go to sleep number dot com special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments required see store for details and Laura get mortgage Superbowl squares sweepstakes we're giving away fifty thousand dollars every score change that's down even extra points the G. one two grand prize winners will win a half billion dollars that could be used toward their dream home enter for free and rocket mortgage squares dot com rocket mortgage official mortgage sponsor of Super Bowl fifty full no process in a city as you were thirty places all fifty states and eleven thirty third motion anyway your morning express starts to rise here.

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