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That's sure he change it for the holidays and that really through you for a loop. They really do. Maybe our audience would have been like wait. What show on a sitcom where it's the one day of the year that it snows That's right yeah but Last year for the holidays for our holiday special. We did rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and This year we're doing frosty. The snowman though going through some of the more traditional christmas songs short or holiday songs Last year. I humiliated myself by revealing accidentally. That had been misinterpreting very stupidly. Some of the lyrics and i hope that my humiliation brought joy And bravo smile to your face last year so this year. We're all waiting to see how i can humiliate myself. Yes one even waiting a year for it. That's right christmas gift to you. Our listeners this me looking like an idiot. If i've mentioned on mike. I'm sure i've told you. Guys off. Mike but i don't know if i mentioned on mike that a friend of mine. A mutual friend of oliver's cornered me at a funeral to yell at me about.

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