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You know. Sheriff Alice's like freaked out because he doesn't know what that lady had other kinds of strength. So you know, the episode ends where he's at home, his son causing on his on his ex-wife cellphone sneaker, phone call to them. So Shariff else is happy to talk to a son and the woman who escaped Tino. She sneaks into US House. She's got a gun and she goes to where he was sitting when she goes to where he was. He's not there. He'd has the dime on and he's got his own shotgun pointing her. Now he's like, you know, what are you doing here? And she's like, you know, I could end you right now. He's like what you can try and she's like, I need your help. He goes for what's your name? My name is Reece. So recently as mom and she's like, well, what do you need help with a need to find my daughter? And then it ends with him saying Tommy everything and he puts the gun down. So it looks like it's really interesting because now. The the homeland security saw was she could do. They're like, wondering if any of the people that they relocated. They relocate the people to allies camp where they can live for now. Off books and. Age Iran is wondering of any other any other people with who survived had the same powers as Reese. So it's gonna be real interesting to see how this bills in how sheriff Elvis figures out a way to try to reunite Reese with her mom. I mean, Reese with her daughter, Leah, so Lear. There's another mom's alive, but it's, yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how the story on Bellas once again that's called the crossing. So that's really cool. Here's an ABC and that is on Sunday nights. So you should check it out. No, excuse me. Mondays and is at Tempe am Pacific standard time on ABC the crossing. So check it out. You're like it. So last but not lease the Lee legion. I wanna say the Lino legion on FX season to finally started. So. What do I want to say about this show? Where do I start. Legion. Is about it's based off of a marvel comics superhero. David Hallier his immutable. As young boy. He always heard voices. So everyone thought that he was crazy and schizophrenics are they were always medicating him, so he doesn't know it yet. But he's actually the son of professor exam here from the X men and the part of the voice, and he may very well be the most popular. I mean, the most powerful mutant on earth. Dan, Stephen place, David holler and. And he does a great job is show is trip. It's really. It's very trippy. Like it and no, I like weird stuff. Don't don't get me wrong, and I love science fiction. I watch all the superhero TV shows and movies whenever I can. X can be very cutting edge. They haven't landed. They have this show, what do I say? So the last season ended with David defeating turns out that the that the schizophrenia that he thought he had wasn't schizophrenia. It was a living parasite in his head of the superpower, super villain, man, the shadow king, it's a parasite that was feeding off a David and just warping David's since of reality. So at the indices one, he defeated the shadow king, but then he got sucked into like this flying orb. Carried him away. And so the season two episode one opens up with him. It's basically, you know, that ordeal felt like it just happened a day ago, but he finds out throughout the show. There's actually been a year since he was since he disappeared. So when they found him he was unconscious for a while and they founding gone to wake up. And the first thing has for when you wakes up some waffles. Now. No. His girlfriend is named Syd Barrett. I kid you play by Rachel Carolina. Does a great job. Aubrey plaza is Lenny busker who's also the shadow king, his all his alter ego inside his head. So she has a very cool darkened sinister role in the show divisions that you see with her inside David's head here. They're kind of miss you up. And there's a scientist who has been frozen suspended animation for years. And he's played by Jemaine Clement from the. Fly, the Concord's TV show fame, so he plays the scientist. So when he finally wakes up and sees the one who wants to be getting possessed by the shadow king and taking off, so now they're all trying to get to the shadow king and destroy him. You find out throughout that, but so that. David is now with division three. And that's this. We assume a government organization secret organization this dealing with these supernatural matters, and it's led by this guy named Admiral Fukuyama. And this guy is wearing a large head basket over his head. So you don't see his face very strange and he's got these assistance. You know, these ladies valiant haircuts and they have mustaches and he's talking to Singson type of ways. So that just. I'm like, what is that. That's just like a little too weird. I don't get the purpose of that symbolism. I'll know what that's supposed to me is kind of off putting. Because it's like, you don't like, am I watching a superhero TV show now, does this like some twilight zone stuff with a dude who's crazy who's not, but is we've got powers what's going on. But what I do know is I can't stop watching. I'm curious to see how this all plays out. His girlfriend. Syd Barrett? Yes, folks. The originally singer from Pink Floyd someone's obviously pay Floyd fan. So yeah, I guess maybe the show is directly in kind of the wall type of five. The wall talking about from Pink Floyd eighties that legendary concert film and double CD that that's, but I digress. But yeah, she, you know, she doesn't want people to touch her. So she finds to love with David. They meeting and saying the Silom and people people touch her as she switched. She takes on their body. That's why she's afraid to be touched. So it's, you know. But when she meets David, she's not really afraid and like they had this whole fantasy dream dreamscapes telepathy mental thing going on. So the visions, I mean, the scenes and the the symbolism, and. Just the different flashes of pace that you see in the show. I very interesting, but basically is just the show was just really, I mean, it's a cool show. The first episode is still kind of confusing, but I'm gonna tag along to see what happens next. Because you know, they put David in this like. This water tank to to enhance his mental abilities. So he can try to track down the shadow king because what you find that the canes looking to find his body. So once he can get back into his body, he's unstoppable legend and the peer that maybe David still them when they can stop them. So they put David and his water tank to boost his mental Power. So you can try to track them down. You find out that David fines, the shadow king and Lenny, you know. You know. So he's finding Oliver bird who you know who's demand climate scientists who was frozen, who got possessed by the shadow came. So Oliver burden, Aubrey, you know their, possessing the show, king David fines them at a disco, and they have this dance off and the end of the show, you know, Davis girlfriends sid is asking him. Are you keeping things from me? You know, you're not talking about the things that you've seen. You know, are you lying? What's going on? You can tell me anything, you know, don't know secrets and the the, no the episode, you know, he's in bed and you can see it gets up and there's a, there's a flash of like a dream sequence where you see. You know, you see Lenny coming over to him in merging with him. So you find out there. Basically, she got back into David's head again, so now we don't know what's going to happen. So day was keeping secrets. But there's also a scene where when he was in that or as a flashback scene and said, was the one to communicate with them, but she didn't talk associate. What sign language kind of draw what was going on. And she basically told him to help the shadow king fine as body. So Dave is all confused. Like, why am I doing that? But yeah, legion is a cool show. Of course executive produced by Stanley. I'm curious to see how the whole professor XP his debt thing plays out because David doesn't know that yet. So he doesn't know that he's tired to the X men. I mean, so I'm curious to see how the season goes, but that's on FX ISA check it out. It's a, it's a really good show and that show. You know that. Bijan air Sunday nights, yes, it does on the FX channel. So check that out. Well, folks. Thank you for listening to the Golden State media concepts, television podcast. This has been keep talking to you guys had a good time. I know I did and check out those shows. You know, they're all really interesting, and I've got so much more TV talk about next upcoming episodes where we're talking about stuff that's on Netflix and prime and Hulu and stuff you should be looking for streaming is the future. So I'm so glad that it's here. Thanks for listening. Universe planet earth, and I will see somewhere out

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