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A day out of booze was the problem. Yeah i'm sure and personality wise. I've heard stories about gleason that he could be our. He could be a total prick to work with you. Know hackers are actors hero all and Almost there's a great percentage of them. Comedians actors whatever will comedians are actors. They something is happening in their lives or something news. And you are the new part and they're going to challenge you and it you've got to continue to condition yourself to how to take that challenge and there are time to hit it head on and there's times you hit it with a little bit of psychology and and turn it around but It does make life of director very difficult when when he knows he is being challenged. And how are you going to stand up to it. And how are you going to handle it because code infect in infect on how you handle it at that moment so you guys have been very tough. i'll bet and and i heard gene. Hackman had a quote that he used to tell the director. I just tell me faced their slower louder softer. That's all i want to hear from you. It ended up gene hackman. I had the challenge. We turned out to be wonderful friends. as a matter of fact he did a movie called plated director in get shorty postcard from the. It starts from the carolinas strip right. And when jean was doing interview they said did you. Research directors are stylized yourself. After he said yeah he said I saw myself much as jeff. Meeting richard donner. He said i. I've found the compassion for the character for him to say that for me it was. That's great on what a great honor couldn't on her. And and i'd be remiss if i didn't bring this up Your you were. Trust both marlon brando and richard. Pryor in your career. Richard do forty up according to the great legendary composer quincy jones. How can i put this shenley. Martin landau richard. Pryor in the as i don't know maybe Quincy may have been there. Because i also would he say it. Isn't it ridiculous but people say a lot of things are hint of it when you heard the. Oh my god. No no food. It's ridiculous rando never said to you. I have to leave early today. I have to folk. Richard pryor and they never came up every night. We got about ten minutes level. I just wanna ask you a couple of quick questions from from listeners. We call this thing. Grill the guest Mason would want to know about inside. Moves a one of your terrific movies. Which i watched very small quiet film that we want to tell our listeners to watch at and Harold russell one oscar for the best years of our lives. You back to the screen. No you didn't you didn't he. Won two oscars oscars. That's correct the only man in the history of the industry that one to us because for the same role that's right because he had have forget. He was a kid from canada. Laws posted his hands war. Yeah it's a good movie by the way moves and johnson special movie in my life. It's very good. And john david morris of course who used a lot whose toaster river them. John savage is a guy that that just. We just didn't see enough of i know he got he was. Did he win the academy award for your owner. He was nominated and didn't really think walking won that award walking one. But i mean that year when the deer hunter came out everybody was talking about. John is the next big star. I don't know what. Oh i do know what happened. A motorcycle accident over really and And i think he's neurological damage done and it took a long time for join to come back at. It's too bad because he is was in shelby. Continuous extraordinarily special actor. I'm so surprised. He's not we're not seeing him. Yeah he's good and everything. And you made a lot of blockbusters. But i want to recommend to our listeners. Both inside moves radio flyer to your smaller movies. Thank you thank you thank you. And they're they're both very very. Well done Gilbert does want to hear about this before we go. We're talking about people here about marlon brando. Richard pryor in the ash will send you the polaroid. We're talking about people who are deepen their cups. Is there a story early in your career about directing lucy and desi polly when they'd been bending the elbow that's how my career got started really. I was doing Commercials for dizzy. Lou and I would also shoot the commercials and opening for the dnc lou show and In the morning it was betty for news. Lucy desi vivian. Vance and bill never the mall and that boils down to abolish champagne bottle of jack daniels and vodka which was usually consumed again by lunchtime and Wow but they were professionals and great characters and that was the time and it was a wonderful producer who i was doing these commercials for and he had a good friend named ed adamson who was doing The steve mcqueen show wanted dead or alive. Oh yeah and he was over visiting on the set hellyer tree. Watch me with those five. He came over and he said. Do you think you could work with steve mcqueen. If you could work with all of them i said oh my god we were actors together new york Sure any hired me to do my first steve mcqueen show which turned my career around. That's great again. You pay some dues. Yeah what always struck me is like back then. Everybody drank but no one was considered alcoholic by themselves. I think.

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