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Whitey Herzog Tony LaRussa and no Mike show the oral only managers in cardinals history win the National League manager of the year shield has done it it was a close vote but he edged out Craig Counsell of the brewers and Brian snicker of the Braves and set on KMOX is just very surreal the whole the whole experience still probably hadn't said in but you was so good to have you be you care about around you when you get the announcement to share that with them because that's ultimately what this is it's a shared a war the Russo by the way is on his way to the angels he's gonna join that organization as a senior adviser to baseball operations here's a pitcher who pitched for both LaRussa and Shelton St Louis and he's coming back at the moment we are going year to year with the likelihood of this of this probably in it but who knows how those things work that's Adam Wainwright who agreed to a one year five million dollar contract with incentives that could boost it to ten million and says St Louis but I think my wife loves they lose more than I do and and our girls love their friends up there in the sports they play up there so everybody was on board and when I heard that like for sure a couple times over that I believe some then you know then we moved forward with trying to get some done some indications in the post dispatch and Yadier Molina my want to extend his time in Saint Louis a little further than his current contract Marcello's in is getting a lot of attention on the free agent market he may end up signing a long term deal elsewhere turning down the cardinals one year qualifying offer the Houston Astros have been accused of sign stealing that science dealings been in baseball for a long time but this takes it to another level taking a look at pitches from a camera position in center field that scored in the athletic that they stole signs during home games in twenty seventeen and that employees are players would communicate expected pitches by banging a trash can the signal which pitchers wore off speed we'll see how that turns out the blues lost three two in overtime to the Arizona coyotes so their seven game winning streak comes to an end they do get a point out of that and they continue to lead the west Mizzou lost in overtime at Xavier sixty three fifty eight was a heck of a basketball game with the Tigers fall short against the number twenty one team in the country the number one team in the country went down Evansville beats Kentucky at Kentucky sixty seven sixty four of much more on that at seven fifteen as the team from the valley gets it done Saint Louis University place tonight tips off at home against eastern Washington at seven I'm Tom Ackerman on the voice of the cardinals KMOX total information AM on Saint Louis is news radio KMOX when I say there is always something going on at St Louis public library I mean that central library in the thirteen neighborhood branches St Louis's original search engine central library across the street from cable X. studios here also an architectural gem over a century old but as modern as can be they give free docent led tours that point out all the beautiful architecture or you can download an app for that and just do the tour on your own there's also an app so that you can reserve books check your account to have full access to everything that you need all the information from St Louis public library and just checking out their events calendar today they have animation ABC's going on tonight at central with Webster university animation professors doing two D. and three D. animation concept they've got craft that the Schlafly library story time going on at the carpenter and booter branches like.

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