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I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening, Felix Vega and James Berland er on the board companies are beginning. Tio implement their face mask requirements. Earlier today, I was talking to a Publics employee in a county without a Countywide facemask mandate, and what I heard was that there were a few people who still defied. The policy, but generally more customers were wearing them than before. Public's put that mandate into effect today still amazes me that people have the gall to walk into a store that has a requirement like that. You have no constitutional right? This isn't an issue with the government anymore. Even though you still don't have Constitutional right not to wear a face mask if there is a government Implemented face mask during a public health crisis. But regardless, you've got a private business now who's requiring that just like they require shirts and shoes and stuff like that, And I wish they would. I wish they would have a policy of if you come into this store without a mask. We're not goingto No try to physically kick you out, but we're not going to check you out. Oh, good one. This way. If you try to walk out with stuff well now. You're stealing right? And we up the stakes a little bit, and now we can call the authorities for a couple different things that that would be my deal. Don't want the face mask. Fine. We won't kick you out, but we won't check you out. Some stores feel free to steal that if you like that, that's a free idea out there. I mean, usually my my genius ideas. They cost me a lot of money there $1,000,000,000 ideas and I just blurt them out on the air and somebody else runs with it. This one. This is not like a $1,000,000,000 idea is just common sense idea that these companies can feel Frieda. To take and use. However they like Yes, you had a lot of major policy changes due to Ryan Gorman and PM Tampa Bay. Well, look, ey. I Pushed these companies toe to do just this. Last week. Yes, Yes, That's right. I specifically called at Wal Mart target in public's by name. And then just days later, they all decided to put into effect the exact policy I was advocating for not saying that That's connected. Not saying that high level executives that those companies were listening to the show thoughts of themselves. Well, you know, if Ryan Gorman is telling us we should do this, then we should probably do this nationwide. I'm just saying It's a coincidence. If you believe in those kinds of things that that's how it went down PetSmart and Petco. Began their face mask requirement yesterday, but it doesn't include pets as far as I'm concerned. No, That would be ridiculous. Yeah, So your pets don't have to wear a mask. You do when you go to the store now, you as a brand new dog owner. Congratulations, Felix. Do you think your dog with if you try to put like a mask On your dog. Do you think He would be cool with that. I mean steps in my dog. He would rip it to shreds in two seconds. There's no way he'd be okay. I mean, I've only had him five days, so he's very cool. Chilled. Oh, yeah. So I don't Think he would have a problem with it, but I'm He likes to sniff so much stuff like he's like, part canine. I swear, so I'm sure he would find a way to get it off his face. Very quickly. Yeah. Maybe dogs that have to be muzzled. Sometimes when they go out or go to like a grooming appointment. Maybe they'd be more comfortable with it because they're kind of used to. Yeah, having something on their notjust in mount, he would be annoyed, but I don't think he would be like You know going, you would just be like Like tickets, Paul and like, pull it down off his nose and then figure out figured out from there. It would be a fascinating experiment. I wish we could do something like this to get Like a two year old and a dog. And put face masks on both of them and see which one stays on longer. No, I think there's a chance the dog would keep it on longer than the two year old is a chance. Will you have a good experiment? You have a dog. Get plenty of friends with kids, So Yeah, I know I need to. I need Set. Something like that up would be a great video to take to put online. WalMart announced more bonuses for their employees, many on the front lines day in and day out, so it's good to see full time hourly employees and drivers are going to get a bonus of 300 bucks, part time, hourly and temporary associates will get 150 bucks and They're goingto close their stores on Thanksgiving Day this year to allow their associates to spend time with their families. It's kind of a way for them to show thanks for everything that they've been doing. So look. I have my issues with WalMart and some of the moves. They make some of the ways they go about their business. But it's certainly good to see them taking these steps. Whether it's the face mask requirement, because that really looked there were a couple of stores doing it before Walmart. But once they did it, that was what started the Avalanche. We're pretty much now almost every store. Is doing something like that. And then you know, take care of their workers in this way. It's it's certainly Ah, nice thing to see dollar tree and family dollar. They're doing the reverse. They are reversing their mask requirement now saying they're no longer going to require them. Instead, they're going to request That customers wear them. The parent company of stores didn't say why they made the change. My guess is if I had to take a guess, and this is kind of based off the conversation I had yesterday evening with Laura Riley from she was with the Tampa Bay Times..

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