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This is not the beginning of duck Vancouver or something, but it is a business. It's member do it. No. But I will say a male Mandarin duck, which is native to East Asia has shown up in central park in New York. These ducks I didn't leave it there. These ducks are commonly found in China and Japan are not supposed to be kept as pets in the city. It's unclear where this bird came from. No local zoo has reported losing a duck. But however, he got there just if we JFK he got there through JFK and took the train. He is dazzling the city's Birdwatchers who are keeping up with a bird as he travels from spot to spot in the Big Apple maybe he was just invited to check out the new ipad. Pro who knows? Thank you to listener. Steve for the duck alert here in the fuzzy puppy update during quack member, I don't know. Stina war. Thank you for being here where can people find the stuff that you do? So you can listen to my podcast when really at them rockets, where we talk about a tech, and and pop culture and great stuff, and you can follow my musings on Twitter film underscore, girl. And you can see the videos that I do at work at a YouTube dot com slash Microsoft developer. Excellent caroliina where can people find your stuff? You can find me on Twitter at Cairo underscore Milanesi. That's M I L A. And yeah. Yes, I and you can read my column on tech pinions dot com every Wednesday. And then I'm guest here quite often. Yes. Listen to her here as well. Stephen. Thank you, just so excited about the MAC mini. It just maybe you're the host of the MAC mini podcasts that's devoted entirely to the MAC mini. No-one no-one listens. But it's out there. All right. That's it for this episode of download lots of apple this time. But next time probably not because Apple's done now. Right there done right, right. Anyway, we will keep watching the headlines and see what else is going on. So you don't have to. We'll see next week by everybody..

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