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Residential and commercial construction needs. Visit Professional construction Inc dot com. 8 10 at 6 20 wtmj. How was traffic looking so far? This first Wednesday of the new Year? Debbie Elastica. Well, it seems to be moving along. Fine, Jean we have 17 minute ride from Highway 16 all the way into downtown. Same on the westbound side Stepped on 41. I wake you to the zoo's 15. Minutes south on 43 Round your road to the market. You're looking at about a 12 minute ride. And then on 43 94 north bound seven minutes from Layton Avenue near downtown North found the bypass That's gonna take about five minutes from the hail to the zoo. Well, while you're out, navigating the roads as quickly and safely as possible. If you see something you think we should know about give us a call on the WTMJ hall. Mazda Milwaukee dot com. Traffic Tip line at 414203 81 100. With traffic and weather together on the chance. I'm Debbie Logica Wtmj Paella Wi Compound Saver Traffic WTMJ five day forecast This morning. We have some fog again. Some freezing fog across the area. Watch out for some slippery spots on the roadways. Mostly cloudy skies through the day today, still up 37 this afternoon for tonight cloudy with a chance of flurries, Maybe even a little freezing. Drizzle low temperature 30 degrees Thursday cloudy with a chance of freezing drizzle in the morning, then just plain drizzle in the afternoon high 35. Friday. Mostly cloudy 36 Saturday Mostly cloudy 35 Sunday partly cloudy and a high of 35 I'm meteorologist Brian is Nancy, with the storm team forecast on WTMJ. Madison 19. Green Bay 24. Walker shot 25. It's 29 in Milwaukee and WTMJ. You missed a lot while you were sleeping. Time to catch up with Wisconsin's Morning news featuring Jean Miller, Jane.

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