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More flavor than the rest of the chicken, Even if they may not be as easy to eat by stock can be ordered through the company, website or door Dash. Michel Crozier KFT news. We've got a crash on the 10. It's in Rose made on the 10 westbound, a Delmar Avenue just and now moved it over to the right shoulder, so the lanes are clear here. Your drive, though, is still loading up writer on Rosemead Boulevard. Looks like it started to break up a little bit. Okay, Bye. And this guy is sponsored by entry attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Father Drive in the San Fernando Valley. You better well, getting into the SAT round will start with the new hall pass here. Not too bad to South 14 is getting kind of busy coming down towards new All Avenue. But why don't you get down to the merger of the five? It's looking pretty good going downhill happy. Do choose the four or five boys get comfy. It's already off to a rather slow start. It starts at about Nordoff usual stuff now, so far so good. We have no crashes. Hopefully, it'll stay that way due to warn you, though, but we're getting some word from CHP. Now. The West 10% Monica afraid it's also rather dreadful Start. It's real. So after about mid city Past the prey, but after that, you'll be okay. So far. So good for the eastbound drive coming off PC agent in downtown Los Angeles, looking good injured in an accident visit Superwoman super Lawyer. Com Jeff Fuck a F eye in the sky. A little Good news, Santa Clarita on the 14th south Before via Princesa moved these cars from the carpool lane to the right shoulder. Your drive will suffering a bit sand canyon, but starting to get a little bit better coffee and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbin banks. The Clippers have Game two of their first ever conference finals tonight against the Phoenix Suns by Leonard Still out with no date.

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