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It's time now for our weekly conversation about ways to explore the washington region. It's called get out there. I'm joined by arts and culture reporter. Elliot williams and breaking news editor lorrie mccue. Welcome to the both of you. Hey folks then. We do have some gorgeous days of weather ahead. I'd like it to get a little cooler but still it's going to be nice which means it might be a good weekend to skip the museum and check out some outdoor art around town elliott. Let's start with you. What areas of outdoor art should people be checking out. So it's the final weekend of dc walls. That's the mural festival that you might have previously known. As the powell festival murless from all over the world come together and create outdoor art in spots around town. There are maps online that can download. So you can make your own self guided tour okay. That sounds interesting lori. Let's talk about more kind of permanent spaces. In terms of outdoor art. Many folks have likely visited released. Heard of the national gallery of art sculpture garden or any other museums working on outdoor spaces after you stroll around the beautiful national gallery of art sculpture garden that we all know You can see art on the building of the herschel museum itself so starting on saturday there's going to be a painting basically wrapped around that cylindrical museum that we all know the work is called. Draw the curtain. It's by artist. Nicholas party and it kind of looks like several huge faces. Sort of peeking out from behind a curtain. And it's all around the building and it's it's a little bit of a double meaning because the museum is currently undergoing renovations. So it's kinda like the museum is hiding what it's working on and peaking out a little bit very cool. Okay elliott you. Already mentioned mural festivals. There are other numerous murals to look at all around town. You got to check out a new mural celebrating the city this week. Tell us about it. I was just at an event. Tuesday and shaw at chuck brown way where city officials from the department of public works and the commission on arts and humanities were unveiling one of the new murals pieces this particular one is by khaliq crosby. It's located on the corner of seventh and florida across from the metro. Pcs store where you know you might recall. The dc movement started just two years ago it highlights go music's roots in this city specifically it has a young teenager. You know playing on a empty bucket shouting out the way that many bands started so check out dot com for more pictures and information on that mural. There are also ten other murals. Dc works across the city from artists. Like a nikon adelphia. And candice taylor taylor. For example painted a beautiful mural at the busboys and poets in anacostia celebrating natural hairstyles for black and brown women. That is very cool. Great city needs create murals. So that is important okay. Let's look ahead more. Generally to the weekend. Laurie what are you going to be doing. Hispanic heritage month kicks off this weekend. And i just saw that lakos asia the latin american food hall near union market. They're kicking off a month of really cool looking programming. There's a film festival starting next weekend On saturday there's going to be guatemalan cultural festival with coffee and jewelry and other cool stuff. There's gonna be a clothing drive to support latin american immigrants and families who are in need and lots of other really need events and learning opportunities. So i'm looking forward to digging into that events calendar very cool okay elliott. Let's switch to you. what about you. The annual each street festival is scheduled for saturday. There's obviously some concern about the far right rally coming to the capitol grounds on the same day. The washington post reported. That staffers from mayor browsers office were checking in with businesses on h street to prepare them for the busy weekend and just let them know what they should be on alert. For in the festival's main director anwar salim told us the festival will go on as planned so prepare for eleven blocks of tents. Businesses aren't vendors music food and just general fun on age street. Elliot williams is our arts and cultural reporter. Laurie mccue is our breaking news editor. You can find additional coverage of arts and culture on our website w. amu dot org mdc dot com elliott and lori. Thank you thank you thanks. Everybody thanks for joining us for. Consider this from npr. Listen again next time. And we'll make sense of the major stories happening in the washington region and elsewhere in your world. I'm jonathan wilson..

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