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Jour- well One of the top Ah guises baseball funny. It will be in the rotation this year. I think the first thing you notice about anthony is. He has a big arm. Which should give us three starters In von guzman and tyler beatty when he's back Who could touch the upper nineties with their fourteen. Fast walls and i think that will create some margin for error for anthony As well as gospel and beady Anthony compliments at big fastball. With two distinct breaking balls and a changeup sinker to give them five weapons to attack hitters the other thing to notice about anthony. He's traditionally a struggled to limit home runs and attack left handed hitters. I think that was evident In twenty twenty and in a a nontraditional year One of the reasons why we thought anthony with an appealing target for us was We noticed some usage patterns and stuff adjustments that we can make to him as a giant in addition to the opportunity to move him from great american ballpark in cincinnati which is an excellent hitter's park for left any hitters to oracle which has traditionally been tough on left handed hitters I think the combination of those factors. Leave us very optimistic that anthony could End up falling in that group of of sars that we mentioned earlier on the call of drew smiling kevin guzman and drew pomeranz. Who came to san francisco and tapped into another year of their potential to to have a career and the catcher curt casali was with tampa was with cincinnati. Donnie ecker worked with him in cincinnati. When you're getting coaches and his numbers really improve and he was signed to compliment buster posey even though he like buster fats from the right side. You also have chadwick trump but it casali obviously has much more experience. We're we're looking forward to adding kurt to the mix. It's funny that you asked about curt after anthony desclafani because i was actually texting with kirk. Casali asking his opinion of can't because he caught him so many times in cincinnati But kurt in his own right is a well rounded catcher he contributes in all facets the game. He's an excellent receiver game caller. He brings a patient disciplined approach to the plate and and had some impressive poolside power And night kurt is an outstanding teammate. he knows how to get the most out of out of pitchers he's an excellent evaluator of pitching and he's constantly seeking ways to get better And and i think those those makeup attributes are significant reason why we targeted and i also should know that We tapped into the vanderbilt mafia that we have building here in san francisco with You know you stransky and salman and all those guys and they know Casali very well and they..

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