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Other any encounters that you've faced doing this so far in terms of figuring out which genes work and you know i mean the whole human genome project is still pretty much in its infancy they thought you know when they first unraveled at that it'd be pretty easy to to get all the jeans and you know they'd wrap it up in a couple of years but there's just still working on it you know tediously because there's so much in it so much more complex than they had imagined and even though the i think the total number of genes is like twenty five thousand or something and they thought it was going to be one hundred thousand that they're learning now that the twenty five thousand genes are infinitely more complex and there's so much to it than even if it was a lot more than they initially thought are there some types of issues or can counters that you've had with that that you're working over trying to get over that now that we really based on that so you know we're we're focused on research whether it's whether it's pre existing research whether it's already research with focused on on snits and you know looking at characteristic differences between individuals whether expected south in purchase nothing resulted from changes and in in in that day and and so for us you know because that's what we're focused on you know we don't we don't really worry too much by the areas of the united people might be discovering a the parts of texted people might be doing because yes they they can research and the fat but where research and against the things that we can do which is looking at smith or single and they call him office and so i'm obviously we will always paying attention to the new things act with the markets and the either the new talk to people doing in the new we if night people might be looking.

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