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Because i think he's hard to get to know there's always joke and then i'm kind of like what's behind the joke. Do you know what i mean. Know what you mean now. Audrey now you have on your on your first date. So he was filling in with. He was doing jokes and trying to make you laugh. Bits bits anything that landed some good bits. Some losers. Some winners losers. Now what what did you. What did you like most about him. What is it that you enjoy. He's fine he's he doesn't take himself too seriously. That's good and what's important to you in a relationship. What would if you had like a few things to say. What would you be looking for a connection honesty. Someone who goes out of their way to make you feel happy things like that. Yeah just general. I think is attractive. You sound like you really understand what you're what you're looking on the ice by the way a mask or are you now. Do you work heavy cologne or perfume. Scouser yeah i'll wear i what i do. Is i do the thing when. I have a bunch of sheets for magazines that i've torn out over the years and i'll just do a little ristorante each one of those. You just do a re a role on i do. I do a dabbled on my neck. And then i put the paper in between my wrists almost like i was trying to create a friction fire. I just rub together okay. Did great friction fire. I should point that out. that's between outta gender reveal. Listen it's all between you and your maker. Can you describe for us. You know your dream like relations like what you would be doing like a per low. What's a perfect day or perfect date. What would it look like. I mean i would definitely have a change of clothes so we would start early. We would go do something fun. Like squash something. I'm not great at something. He's not great at but something we can build together and get better at together a thing and then squad eight. You'd have a squash day. Yes and i would love to go for squash after that. Go wash goes somewhere and have because they do these squash noodles at a restaurant near me and if we could go squash noodles there and then maybe just watch you know. Watch a movie something light. You know something not too serious. Everything's so serious now. What would be a perfect movie for you watch. Maybe the third back to the future. Because i'm familiar with it. It's not that good and you could dip in and dip out so we wouldn't need to pause it s see. This is the kind of thing but is funny as this is and it's funny as we you know we could talk for hours like this hundred dollars. That's true i forgot about that. It's as funny as this. Is you know jennifer. You talk about rehearsal. You talk like actual. Can you mention this again about like what how you can reverse situations in your life. I was just thinking. There's a lot of people who are listening who are single and it is a crazy time to try and meet people and we already talked about how the most important relationship is the one between you and you and once you've got that semi figuring out than it really is about rehearsal so literally what you do is you imagine right now so gareth you can imagine this right now. She's out there. The person you're going to be with the person you're gonna end up without their. She's out there. she's driving around. she's going shopping. She playing squash. She's doing whatever she's doing any without any angst just like smile and just like wish her well and you will meet when it is time to me and the universe takes care of these things and that you.

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