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On Sunday January tenth nineteen ninety three fifty four year old peak Fhimah Wrath Loma and. He's forty nine year old wife Joan. Pretend time from awake long interstate trip. The couple who lived in the Victorian country town of Antwerp had driven four and a half hour west to attend a six day religious convention. In the South Australian capital Dole of Adelaide graph a devout and dot and Christian had been eager to attend the event and while Joan didn't share her husband's fervor she. She attended church regularly and so great to accompany him. The vacation had passed without incident but shortly after their arrival home. Kim Jones dotted to behave badly. She had difficulty concentrating. On tasks would frequently change bids throughout the day was restless and and struggled to fall asleep. According to Ralph as Tom went on she also started making peculiar noises and adopting different designers on one occasion. She acted as though she were shaped Sheera. Speaking in tone and manner consistent with a farmhand on another she claimed to be a sex worker while describing the activities she had participated in with supposed clients. It wasn't the first time Ralph had witnessed joined nine behaving this way two years earlier. She was hospitalized the Breif and mental illness but had made a fairly quick recovery and had been in good health of scenes. It's now it appeared has symptoms. Were returning over the course of the next two weeks. They seem to worsen particularly at Naughton. I'm on the evening of Friday January. Twenty two Ralph Return Time to find to join waving her arms and dancing in their properties patties. I'm deeply troubled. By the way he's wafts. Well Bang had deteriorated. Graph prayed to God for guidance.

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