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This afternoon in Chicago for the Packers, they're looking to win to guarantee themselves the number one seed and a first round bye in the NFC playoffs while the Bears they're trying to win to get into the postseason on the injury report some good news as Rick Wagoner, Jamal Williams Jay Stern Burger all have been cleared to play today's game. Somebody who will not be playing left tackle David Bachtiar E. It was revealed earlier this week that he suffered a knee injury that is ending his season. Head coach Matt LaFleur earlier in the week, lamented the loss of boxy Ari but said the team does have to move forward stuff to replace a guy of his caliber. I mean, you're talking about premier left tackle in this league, but You know, you feel so bad for Dave just all the work and everything he pours into this job, and he he does such a great job such a great team leader, and so you always feel bad for him. But like I told our players, you know there's gonna be nobody that's feeling sorry for us is a football team and our standards are expectations. They don't change. In addition to Bachtiar e going on Injured Reserve offensive lineman been Brayden has been signed to the active roster. If it's a tackle Bryan Price has been elevated from the practice squad and defensive tackle Anthony Rush has been re signed to the practice squad. 3 25 kickoff Today. Our coverage begins at 12 noon, a crazy day in the NFL going into the final day of the right your season, 17 teams are still potentially alive. For a playoff spot the other game inside of the division, the Vikings and Lions will match up against each other in Detroit College basketball market gets the win over Georgetown yesterday 64 or 60 Jamal Kane, the only player for Marquette, who scores more than 10 points. He has 25 points on 10 of 15 shooting after the game head coach Steve Will your housekeeper. Said, Really? It was the defense that help the offense get going has allowed. Our offense still affect our defense In the second half, you know our defense ignited on offense, which was something that you know, I was really excited about. Market is now six and 52 and three and league play back at it on Tuesday, will no take on Yukon Wisconsin was scheduled take on Penn State today. Over That game is not going to take place due to covert 19 issues. Badger will be off today. They'll get back to practice tomorrow and then Thursday they take on Indiana Milwaukee basketball was supposed to play at Robert Morris yesterday. That game was canceled due to a positive covert 19 test within the Robert Morris program, Panthers back added on Friday against Detroit Mercy The Bucks play again coming up tomorrow when they will play the first of two straight games against the Pistons map. Ali WTMJ Sports Thanks a lot, man Coming up next hour. Greg Matt, Sick is going to China started to talk a little bit more about David Buck back T erry century and what That's gonna mean not just for the game today, but in all these postseason games, that's all I had him. Sunday morning edition of Wisconsin weekend Morning news coming up in just a couple minutes we'll hear from 22 Dick and he's gotta look ahead and entertainment in 2021 right here on WTMJ. Just one more week until the playoff, But we've got our priorities straight like meeting the bears to get that number one seed five. Beating the Bears can't get in that first round box, but mostly beating the Bears like we said priorities, the Packers wrap up the regular season in Chicago against Yes, the Bears Our.

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