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Now's the time for lessons learned for L stays parade. You'll burn I'm not moving and I'm not moving. Arm. Not moving. I'm not moving. Gold. Spokes not a fine fight a- crashing flashing leap. And when they hit their on bridge. Tom. Tom. The constable concede a massive ball. They took the animals displeased. They craned their next to they all newbie on talent. Remember this AUSSIE, the headstrong votes in their massive fall had caused them all to clean don't be stubborn. Jot tank. This standoff is on cert- stoppard. Stay. Now's the time foreign lessons for else this bridge over this. Well, like the song said both goats gave a final mighty push driving their strong legs against the cold stone and springing forward their horns crashed and locked together, and they stumbled left and tumbled. Right. And then spun together off the narrow bridge. They sprang apart in the air and splashed into the icy water sending up glassy plumes of chilling spray. For a moment. All was still the animals gathered waiting and watching big and small all of them were holding their breath. One heartbeat. Two heartbeats three crash the two goats burst from the river one on each Bank. They glared at each other across the icy water and shook their coats dry above the other animals began to laugh, maybe next time. He'll just take turns someone called the goats glared and grumbled and got back in line to wait. Their turns to cross the other animals watched on nervously unsure of what the goats would do this time, though when they faced each other across the narrow bridge, they both paused and then took a step back. After you said the left goat. No. After you replied, the right? I insist. And there after much hemming and hiring. And after Ewing the goats finally crossed the narrow bridge. They were still the most stubborn creatures on the mountain, but maybe just maybe from that day forth. They were a little less stubborn than they used to be. And sometimes when it comes to stubborn old goats. That's just about as much as you can hope for the end. Today's story. The narrow bridge was an adaptation of classic fable written for you by Daniel Hynes and performed for you buy me, Amanda Weldon with a

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