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A bee sees Elizabeth Chelsea reporting The very busy holiday season is leading to extra safety protocols for postal workers. Here's a B C's. Monaco's Rob de Postal Service is expressing concern about the safety of its workers. Amid the surging pandemic and busy holiday season, postal officials have issued a bulletin to law enforcement officers around the country. Asking police to be increasingly vigilant to keep postal workers safe as they deliver mail through extended early morning and late night hours. Package delivery volume is expected to smash all records this year again, ABC Simona Costar Abdi Ah body found in Florida is presumed to be the mash be teen who has been missing for over a month. The body was found yesterday in a field off the highway and fells mere Florida 18 year old Jill Atia, Frankly, when missing on October 20th in a suspected kidnapping, she was last seen a New Bedford getting into the rent a car of 37 year old Louis Zaragoza, Florida Police in Florida killed Zaragoza the suspected kidnapper during an attempted arrest earlier this month. Frankly, a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe and reportedly five months pregnant when she disappeared. An autopsy will be conducted to officially identify the body and the cause of death, which is believed right now to be homicide. It's 10 await over, not a Bloomberg business this year amid the pandemic Department stores face even more pressure to get Americans into the holiday spirit. Bob Fibs, CEO of the retail doctor, see similarities with the past very much like the fifties. That's the closest one I would say is people who are shot coming out of the war and worsen Ted to find a way with parades and with windows and other ways to get people to forget that and to come in. And to shop department stores were adapting to a host of curtailed traditions..

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