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Biden Biden told trump. He should insist on. Having American health experts on the ground in China I would be on the phone with China and making it clear. We are going to need to be in your country. You have to be open. You have to be clear. We have to know what's going on. But trump rolled over for the Chinese. He took historically. It's not about whether the Soviets or communist China have done horrible things. Of course they have Cold War. Two point is also not just about Hongkongers right to protest. But here's the question will use escalation with China. Make things better. Here's Vincent Bevan's once again. It really bothers me when I see these kinds of operations being talked about in a cavalier way by people that don't know what these people went through so anyone wants to get all. Rah Rah about a new Cold War. He says they ought to. I really grapple with Al. Bloody the first one was for the world. I'm Patrick win. Then says been getting arrested for millions of tourists during this pandemic but it's not getting a break from climate. Change story is just ahead. You're with the world I'm Marco Werman. This is the world history was made in Israel. Yesterday is Benjamin. Netanyahu became the first Israeli prime minister to face trial before entering the courtroom. Netanyahu delivered a scathing speech accusing law enforcement agencies of attempting a political coup. A the Zohar move than it. Who Marrugo shown these investigations were tainted and fabricated from the start said Netanyahu and they are ending with an absurd and fabricated indictment. He continued joining me now. Is Professor Yuval Shendi Vice President of research? At the Israel Democracy Institute professor tiny gets up to speed if you would on the charges. That Netanyahu's actually facing so. Netanyahu is confronting three sets of charges bribery fraud and breach of trust and these correa significant sentence if convicted the first set of cases has to do with gifts that were given to Netanyahu. Wealthy people allegedly for intervening on their behalf on a number of economic projects in Israel. The second set of cases has to do with negotiations Netanyahu undertake in with the Israel's largest newspaper editor with view of changing the line of coverage of the newspaper is engaged with him in return of passing legislation that would limit the ability of other newspapers to compete with it and the third set of cases has to do with the exchange of regulatory favors again for positive media coverage by elite website that is owned by the country's largest telecommunication company. So how can Netanyahu remain in office with such severe allegations? That's a significant question ear in Israel and in effect three rounds of elections that we have just experienced the last year Were very much centered on this issue but the election outcome has been that is still able to stay in power now heading a unity government there has been a legal challenge to his ability to serve at the Supreme Court essentially said that the existing law in Israel does not preclude the service of a prime minister who hasn't been yet convicted on appeal. I was GONNA ask you. How will this trial? Impact the stability of the newly formed unity government and is there a point at which you'll have to step down from office so I think it's going to be very difficult partnership because the opposition party blue and white? Their remain election ticket has been criticizing Netanyahu and him for being corrupt and now they have joined. The government allegedly in order to protect from within the government the rule of law and to stand alongside core the prosecution service so this is not a very healthy marriage so to speak the power. Sharing agreement is flexible enough to accommodate the decision by Netanyahu. Step down for a while. Educate more time for his legal defense and then if a committed making a comeback Professor Shannon Donald Trump and. Benjamin Netanyahu are closed. I think about Netanyahu's appearance with Holocaust survivors. Yesterday the scathing speech before the start of the trial as Netanyahu become a more contentious leader since trump came to the White House. Definitely we have seen with Netanyahu from two thousand fifteen onwards. Quite a dramatic change. In the way he conducts himself up until then he was rather centuries candidate in many respects including with respect to the rule of law but after winning the election became much more aggressive and after the sentence of DONALD TRUMP. He did up sampled Donald Trump's tactics in terms of Extensive use of social media using very harsh language going very personnel against journalists law officials. So I think there has been some exchange of notes between Netanyahu when trump these each professor Yuval Shawnee Vice President of research at the Israel Democracy Institute. Thank you very much. Thank you very much in Venice Italy. The canals are clear for the first time in decades. It's a beautiful thing. Many locals have been saying at the same time. Those legendary waterways typically dropped thirty million people a year to Venice may be the city's downfall scientists say sea level rise and resulting floods will inundate Venice by the end of the century. Sarah Morocco reported on Venice's watery future for inside climate news. You started writing this report Sarah after terrible flooding in Venice in November of last year. What happened yeah? It was the clouds of November. The CD was really scared because the water was coming higher and higher as we know are two one meter and eighty seven sixty material. That's almost six feet deep yet. And many people were in the shirt to pray or the community was together. But also very scared India San Marco Square and around the city. So what is the connection between these floods at you witnessed and climate change the last one hundred years? We have just twenty three. Aqua is dot even high water events..

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