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When I got cold run. You know fivers is there I thought it was the coolest thing ever that I was gonNA drive at least one recent soon, horse racing in my career and I was so excited for that. Number, you know I'd always tell you man the dream of you to try that fourteen car that would be unbelievable because at that meant so much to be personally that number did and now Ford come to fruition it actually be in that car this crazy to think about you know. That I can do that are proud sesame more than just a number of salaries for to me that that. Number has lot of history between Aj even Clinton. So I WANNA do that. Proud of has a lot of fans that come with that number over and get back into trillion obviously come from the dirt World Tony Very involved in the dirt road and sprint car racing midget racing. What was your initial attraction to Tony? Yeah I. Think for me. You know Tony was the only Nascar guy that you can live in watch on Sunday within I might go to local dirt track. Race in there you know with the Chili Bowl he was running there. So growing up I was just was pulled to him because he was always recent dirt sprint cars and dirt midgets, dirt late malls, and all these things and I knew he was from Indiana right down the road from me and my dad raised together. So I think that was a lot of the reason why just you put all those things in and he felt like he was one of us So that was always kind of that natural. You know all throughout my career I always looked up to him. That's how he always gave back spur hurry sing he always would would have her guys. In Usak Always Levi Jones j drake and all these guys at work some of my favorite drivers drive for Tsr. So I don't know there's something about that was that was really need. It's crazy. Thank that I'M GONNA be driving fourteen car now nine wins this year to racist go championship to run for. Do you feel ready for that next level? Yeah I'm looking forward to it's going to be a huge step It's GonNa be a big learning curve. A lot of humbling can happen There's just so many things that are different. Those guys are so good over there. So I'm looking forward to the challenge I'm definitely in San Juan went eight races that's for sure but yeah, I think for us if. We can go and just make the playoffs in. You know run a front a couple of times that's going to be a big deal. Yeah. That's that's kind cold did as what I've tried to set eibar rs only does need to try to do that or a little bit better and in Columbus to set the bar high and getting the win this year so. I think the scheduled. For next year, boats welfare made between the dirt race. Now party road forces and seems like some of the tracks struggled out on on aren't on the schedule anymore young you want so. Going forward but yet certainly going to be a big step. For to thank you, kyle, that is chase Briscoe one of the drivers that will run for the two thousand and Twenty Nascar. XFINITY series championship coming up, we'll visit with sheldon creed AETNA esque or season is in its final lap but are you ready to follow Denny Hamlin Martin true ex junior kyle busch.

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