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I was just i don't want to kill myself. Va dr right. Like i didn't like it before that moment. I think maybe i could win her back right. How brave brave. And i went up and i was gonna win. I would like me and grow out. My heart was the. I never did anything like that and it was the hot it was. This was a no thirty feet hundred feet. This when i got to the top of the bungee jump panel or whatever that tower. Whatever it is i could see new york. I bet you can see the rising news i was above the treeline was crazy so the baby mother husayn my daughter we all they all looking at me. I can still see in her face. How pissed off. She is and how this is done while i was shopping. I'm staring at her jumping down like i love you. Know what a life i swear. Die right in front of you. hear. I know j. j. right sure enough. Don't end up save relates. The deva work work. Two days later was over. It was over that day. But i did pay forty dollars for a picture of me at her coming down the bungee up. Wow all live together. I think that's hilarious. So listen we want to show the chat rooms on on this weird wednesday and then we'll get into some guys so we appreciate you guys and we get into a few announcements folks in a chat room. No i was thinking about. This is kind of scary for me. Saw coming out now. I was like i don't know how old i was. I think it was like no no seventeen right. My parents they left the light goes somewhere some convention or something stupid. They left for like two or three days. So i was like. I'm going to have a party. Just right so i am all these people to buy out everybody around the time to that like i met my my children's father so i was like oh every so i have always people at my house. My sister i like. What are you doing right. So we're all chile but it was like a lot of the people. Like i knew you know what i mean. So we're all just telling whatever doing whatever at one point i was outside and i was like a car because we already been there for like a few hours so i'll car rolls up but it's coming up slow and i think as my parents right alert ear. They're coming up the driveway so slow eyelashes volume. They're coming up the driveway. So slow that i'm like i think it's like my parents assessing the situation and like you guys understand like my dad. He is like i call him the trinidadian tire like he's just so crazy so i got scared. I was like so scared. And so i'm like telling everybody that we have a really long driveway so i ran back into my house. And i'm like my parents are coming out. Everybody just to get alex. Just go somewhere right right. My friends run into like the tree. My basement like it was like chaos people running right that i i. I like all right whatever. Let me go to the door because they come in right lake. I'm like what's happening outside. And it wasn't my parents. It would like some more people were like. Oh is this where the party you know. It was one of my friends. And i was like i like why i was like. I didn't know you were coming out with like you're my parents so then i go to like get everybody back guys. It's okay harm. Somebody like scraped their foot. Because i literally in the one scary. That'd be scary but it was good. I was able to get away with it. You know we have the party. They love that. So that's fine it right and you got the slash on. They clean up. It was called like it wasn't like a wild party. It was just like i get together gathering. Did your did your smashing digest smashing. Your parents won't know that's what that's what you should. Everybody has their own room house smashing the all room showing that they still have the. Oh rooms that that's scary but now that was scary. That was the adr like a. When you're about to get in trouble right. I wanted to die voice out more. See that is. You could fill up a buck guy. That's a funny story. They were scraped up in the woods. Scared basement this people are like a lot of weed. An alcohol in the houses are pitcher. All of that right now because if it was your parents. They would've saw all of that. Anyway they would have been like who so for we shall. I might scary scary moment. Shahi johnson was part of this. We was in junior high school singer bobby cologne and everybody traveling. Welcome to the show where wednesday we shall have to hope you guys joining. Didn't people in the chatroom feel like. I'm only talking to you in you. In sydney and prentice few anymore. Exactly whatever don't so audience so so here we go. I'm a junior high school in. There was some kind of saturday night teen party yellows team.

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