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Right into the side of is they tried to get by both cars of spun alison down to the apron on the bottom bohdan gets it gathered up he'll be passed the interest pit road who have to go all the way around both cars heavily damaged debut could almost see that one coming because the last couple ups around they've been doing for position and if you touch just a little bit as you go into the banking in that car literally said as you said earlier tips up to the side you'll go around and that's exactly what happened it's so disorienting when the car heads onto that banking because the transition is so abrupt from the flat back stress to the thirty six degree banking it's a very scary part of the racetrack the car wants to break loose there and as they went in side by side it looked like allison's rear broke just a little bit and as the car turned down bodine was down on the inside and allison's left front got into podiums right front and that's what started the collision both cars came around sideways and we're beat up pretty badly they're both still running on the racetrack we'll have to see whether they can continue let's go to pit road and then jerry rescue cry kodiak pontiac out of around on the left side they come four ritchie road at the end of the motor pratt ford benny parsons and the moulders chevrolet also getting right side you'll get left side as well we'll swing neil bonnett has servant soda narrow welcoming they hit back onto the action at jared is in the geoff bodine pit area gary nelson crew chief is talking to the jeff bohdan videon poor service and have sent him back out they saw on the radio to everything appears to be in good shape ridiculous gary if everything okay what can be okay well we'll know for sure well we get up to speed i think that just getting awful tight out there a lot of traffic.

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