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Through the channels available. It prevents it from stopping on any one certain one. Some people have some success with it, I prefer my way and I use my recorder is called in H one handy zoom. It's a stereo recorder, it's a 200 M and it has it's got two mics on it. It's so sensitive that I can leave it in my office running be all the way across the house and you can hear me flush the toilet all the way crush I am. So I have to be careful when I'm growing. And I house also have a little Sony digital. Recorder and I will run them both at the same time to see if because it's significant when you have when you pick something up on one record and not the other and they're sitting right next to each other, that's significant. And basically, that's pretty much all I had. I have a K two meter that I use, which picks up fluctuations in the energy in the air. I remember the exact word right now. I'm having a brain fart, but that's pretty much what I use when I sit and try to do EVP Sessions. I try to be consistent in the same times every day in the same spot. Of course, when I was going out and doing investigations with the team, you know, we would be in certain places that were thought to be quote unquote haunted. So those are that's basically only things I use. And I use like this free audacity software to review it because it's free. You know, I'm not rich. I like free. Yeah. It's good. I use Adobe audition. That's what I use to edit shows, and I do have the email with your EVPs on it. It looks like there might be ten or so. Yeah, I just sent you some of my favorite ones and won't you run through some EVPs for us? Let's see. This was done in a private home. The people had a dog named Ginger. There were no children at the site, none. The homeowner were there. We had base stations set up in the garage..

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