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Challenge you face in terms of this approaching the season and knowing that you have a guy that you're developing for the long-term while also understanding you of a team. That's that's ready to contend right now Yeah you know. I take in a couple of things to have said. And that's why. I tried to make a star with because you're the best chance to win and that's kind of what you owe to an organization. That's that's what yoda you're building. That's what you to all the players and coaches on the team or brining every single weekend. You know whether it's players whether it's coaches was personnel people. You do what you can to win. And if you're not. I don't feel like you're being fair to people i mean. I always try to look at everything as when losses depend on. Where where you're telling your kids going to school at the end of the year and that's a big deal to a lot of everybody Families into the individual. And so you always try to think of when it's your decision. What helps us with and keep it there. At the same time i get Spending the draft picks to get a young quarterback. And you got to do. What's right for that guy to and what has been telephone trae is. He didn't get to play football last year. Earn regardless of what happens. I'm always trying to make sure that trae doesn't go whole another year without playing football. Gonna make sure that we do. What's best for him. Getting him reps on the on the practice field. Hopefully in games two. And we'll see how this pans out. But my order thinking always starts with what's best for this organizational 'cause organization best chance to win and then after that always thinking about the individual so you know he hit on this two quarterback system thing any talked about the challenges between having obviously jimmy garoppolo with him and trey lance being the rookie that you spend three first round picks on to me a lot of this is like i want to slowly ripped his band aid off throughout the season. So i'm going to get train here. you know there is a conversation. I had a cup earlier today. Was what's the snap count for trae lance week. One over under ten snaps right. If you start breaking down snap counts and offensive play calls you know that foreigners average about forty five to fifty plays you started slowly bringing in train these or having them. Take ten fifteen twenty. Now he's getting almost fifty fifty share. You know by week four week five and then before you know it. Trae taking eighty percents of the snaps. Because you really you have. A tray lands package. You don't have a jimmy garoppolo package. So there's this this is a lotta stuff here. that's going on it. just it. Just have a whole bunch of question. I don't know if a to qb. System is sustainable. Because yeah you know you're gonna bring in lance for these these gadget he plays to me seems to gimmicky. Memory comments today on kamiar. He thought that he thought the same things that is a little bit too gimmicky to run versus regular first-team defenses whether that's detroit or philadelphia. What happens when you're playing seattle week. Three i'm sorry week. Four and then week seven. You've got the coal to a really good defense and you run into these teams. It just brings up a lot of questions. That i i think causing a little bit too cute with this stuff yes. It's quarter run a couple of these things here but to me. You kinda gotta go either or with this. I don't i'm i'm not opposed to the two. Qb system but. I'm not very confident that it's gonna. It's a sustainable model. If that makes sense. I do get a little shanna fan Fan boy to where it's like Yes like kyle do this. No coach in the nfl has ever had the balls to go straight out to quarterback system. We're going to do it. I don't care what anybody thinks. I don't care what anybody says. We're gonna put these points on your head and you know and we're just going to enjoy it in the process and and basically have jimmy stands and trae land stands happy in the process as well well to be honest. They're probably not going to be happy because they're gonna baker Hundred jimmy should get hundreds of never mind on that tent standpoint. But i am intrigued. If this succeeds if this is just flat out miserable come week one against the detroit. Lions than it's like. Hey it don't it don't work like you gotta figure it out and to be honest even if you look at jimmy john's stat. Line against the raiders. It's nothing rural. Sexy is passer rating was only eighty seven point eight which is by far below league average. Now maybe you know eighty seven point eight would would have been good in two thousand eight two thousand five but in two thousand twenty one. Nfl eighty seven point. Eight is below average And i thought he played a good game like it. Because jimmy garoppolo in rhythm passer the you need you know these little jimmy gimmes to get his competence up to get him going to where he becomes little more accurate with the football and he had a big third down completion to trent sherfield. I believe it was on a look like it may have been a comeback route or dig. I have not watched the twenty two on that That's all at once. I watched that out. I will know what the exact route was but he basically through high to where only his receiver can get it and guy. Trent share feel who you know he he. He's i laughed at people saying he looked like antonio brown. But then i see him out there. He does kind of look like antonio brown So you know my foot in my mouth on that one but he put it right word. Only sheriff you'll get sherfield went up. No fear got it first down and that was a big play from jimmy garoppolo. Because he wasn't making that the week prior in los angeles against the chargers he was in the first week against the chiefs. It was just three straight jimmy gimmes and he did nothing. They're really that you. Could you know talk about or evaluate but that oakland game even though it's not the sexiest on stat. She i think he played well. And i think trae lance played well when he was in there for jimmy as well so you know but obviously the factor in that is the oakland raiders. Defense has been poor for a while. Now you've had guys like arden key. Talk about it her talk about current forty nine or saga e even Lamarcus joyner. Who went over in signed with the jets. I talk about how his poor. The raiders defense has been mismanaged so you would prefer to see them do that against a different team because maybe you get a better look or better evaluation. Maybe if you flip week wine. Kansas city with week three raiders. Like thou probably would've looked better for you But i just wanna see it work for kyle to to put everything. He has on the table and says look running. This this is what. I wanna do. i tweeted it out on game day to worry. You have those two profile pictures of jimmy ones. Jimmy garoppolo wants trae lance in. This is what we see when we think about. The two quarterbacks coach shannahan cs is them molded together. That's where his face And there two faces molded together. Ended up looking little light. Colin kaepernick. So i thought that was kind of funny. But that's basically what he wants trains to be down. The future is had those little things that that jimmy has. Now that trae..

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