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I more contributed karen freeman. Hey you karen and joining us today. Again is our special guest. I'm a writer. Look filipovic handbook. Welcome back so it's been a long week for all of us but Bed of a bit of a commerce section of the week early on and then we. We've had some some interesting rumors pop up as well as a A very very superstitious survey. That's how i'm going to phrase it so let's start there. let's start with iphone. Thirteen or iphone not thirteen. We the iphone. We're not gonna we will not name. Maybe this is the maybe this is the year apple finally switched to finally switches to just like iphone and then year because New survey is out A seventy four percent of people Say they don't want their next iphone to be called the iphone thirteen. The i found that shall not be named exactly. I just i. I have a lot of thoughts on this. Most of them are not charitable. I don't hold. I don't hold a lot of A hold a lot of superstitions myself and third. the number. Thirteen certainly isn't one of them. Yeah i mean. I'm not superstitious. Either but i do. I do think that at some point. It is kind of silly to keep naming the iphones this way. The nothing else named this way in apple's ecosystem so why not just have it be the iphone. The many found pro the iphone pro. Max would whatever and then just attach your to it. Exactly exactly unofficially. I think were were getting in the realm where it's a little little ridiculous you know i mean i o s i think. Ios numbers are one thing sir. Let's just software versions have been around forever. It's you know people going to walk into future apple stores and say yes. I'd like the iphone. Nine hundred thirty two. Yeah they have to abandon it eventually. Or whatever replaces the iphone. Whatever brain chip. We've got by the time that thirty two bit far in the future but even like twenty seven. I don't know it is important to remember that like you know the number thirteen pass a lot of significance in certain cultures. And it's not all just superstitious though. It's true superstition but some of it but there are other numbers that have cultural significance in in a bad way also in certain cultures. So we've pan sauce right over those numbers already. So totally and i mean for i understand. Yeah i couldn't. I couldn't care less. What the next. Iphones called the can. I think they start calling him. Apple phone right. Just the apple with the symbol. Yeah you're not writing correctly. musty right. It with the symbol which is not great for our content management system. But here we are. Yeah i mean i've actually. I'm not saying the numbers are the best way to do it. But i actually appreciate that. There is some sort of sequence because as somebody who writes about the iphone a lot. It is very much easier to identify what. I'm writing about rather than having to always stick the year on the end of it. Which if you see what we've done on. I'm more with you know a lot of it's just i it's kind of conventionally done. A lot of the apple sites is like for example with macbooks. Books obviously don't have a number Usually we just put the year in parentheses. People can understand right macbook. We're talking about especially when you're comparing different macbooks from different years for different specs and like i've always enjoyed the iphone. Always sort of has a name that makes sense at least in some sort of biological order. But i agree like eventually. The the numbers will become untenable. And it'll just be like like what are we doing at this point right. Don't get me started on. Mac book pro thirteen inch early twenty twenty macbook pro thirteen inch late. Twenty twenty i. Yeah it is a nightmare. This is true. Luke brings up a very good point. Yeah but but but that's for us. We're we're minority. In december of things the majority of people have that issue. But i selfishly. I like the idea that they that they continue to make it very easy to understand which iphone you know. You're writing about it from getting about. Yeah from a content organization for yeah for sure but ultimately. I don't think it really matters that much people are getting very emotional about it. And i think it's just not that important. Yeah i mean. They broke the mold when they went with the iphone x. Which i still call the acts. Even i know it was the ten i mean. They broke the mold before that. Either the original iphone three g s right or the three g. I you know there was a whole weird naming thing there and then again with where they skipped the nine and went right to ten but it was x. Right i keep forgetting we skip the nine we ask. There is the ten as- there have been a number of s years. Were was another whole generation of iphone really but they call it s instead will remember remember. The last year there was a lot of thought that maybe they'd call the iphone. Se the iphone nine. 'cause skip guys. That would be interesting way too confusing. That would have been a nightmare. That would have been nightmare talking because just the numbers don't really match up anyway lead. The numbers are sort of meaningless. Maybe there's a compromise solution where we can. We can not. Do you know iphone year but we can move on from the numbers. Maybe if we just maybe if we started with greek letters so started with the iphone alpha and the iphone beta in the iphone game. What are the. But we're going to run out letter. Variants come on the of variant of iphone os like animal names or something iphone. The iphone gabe pro. Max yes but we'll still run out of greek letters though. Then we might say what. Chips in hieroglyphs. We just keep getting more pretentious but egyptian. Hieroglyphs don't have verbal. You can't necessarily say them. Are you going to describe graph. It's a little. I with every time you said you said pictographs karen emoji. There we go. Oh i i could not name the iphone and then you know the s variant you so like this one could be you know. The last year's iphone could've been like the iphone heart and this year could have been like the iphone blue heart purple heart or something like that last year Last year is definitely should have been the.

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