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Old by a deputy medical examiner, Dr Jonathan Lucas said he chose to defy a security hold placed on the autopsy and release it in the interest of the public deputy say. On June 18th they saw 18 year old Andres where father with a gun in front of an auto body shop in Gardena, and when confronted by deputies, Guardo ran off after a brief chase. The autopsy shows Gardiner was shot in the back five times, with the rounds entering in an upward trajectory. Has been a lot of pressure to release the autopsy work. All those family released its own private autopsy this week, also showing five shots of the back. Critics of the investigation are demanding more transparency, including testimony from the two deputies involved. Steve Gregory Ko Phi Nu L. A county Sheriff Villanueva says the premature release of the Gottardo at autopsy has jeopardised the investigation and tainted potential witness testimony. Sheriff says medical examiner Dr Jonathan Lucas broke protocol when he ignored the security hold. Now, the sheriff says, future security holds will have to be put in place through the court order through a court order. Excuse me. News is sponsored by Mike Diamond. The smell good plumber Search teams trying to find the body of actress Naya Rivera, in like pyro have been using sonar and cadaver dogs. Ventura County Sheriff's Sergeant Kevin Donohue says they've been focused on the east and north side of the lake based on where the boat was found. On Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. In the north side of Lake, an area called the Narrows Believe, because of the wind patterns and the current that it may have drifted from the east side of the lake here, he says sonar is needed because visibility underwater is just one or two feet, he says. Cadaver dogs on boats are sniffing the water. The dog can detect bubbles. From Gas is given off by a body. Rivera just disappeared Wednesday while boating with her four year old son. He was found alone on the boat, and one man is making the most of his time in quarantine and got Jenga. Judging like a block from the bottom and you put it on top. You take a black tie star Valiant E broke the Guinness world record for stacking the most Jenga blocks into a tower on top of just one.

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