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Of lunchtime. So they only really get you for six hours a day. That's net includes everything else sitting up the lights and all that kind of stuff is going to end before certain. Imagine a movie like like homeowner, especially the second one where I'm in every single scene, right. Think about like the second movie took about four and a half, five months to shoot them in every scene, but they only x. amount of hours. They would shoot me as much as they could, and then they would do all the stunt stuff at night. The passion Daniel turns up at night because if you actually think about it, we're barely in any scenes together. I mean, I'm pretty much in castaway. No, for release the trap. Do you think about it? Like I'm always talking to myself and civic have scenes with anybody in those movies so that you're literally home alone. That's what I'm saying and castaway, but for kids. But, but yeah, yeah, they would shoot all the stunts stuff and they'd shoot all the patients and stuff at night and they would call me in like super early in bloom. That's kind of how we did it. But a lot of those stuff like those movies where like I was in a majority of those took like sometimes three months minimum in our simple, but sometimes like five months, depending on the whole kind of thing, which is now a days like I do films and it's like, oh, wait. We're done like a month. Go, wow. Like I always thought these were like really long experience. I thought it would miss all of sixth grade because of this. It's interesting for me like with with the work ethic that I have never really sleep, like kind of bums me out. Sometimes when you have to stop filming or stop doing it, go gave the cruise ticket break now or go to this. I'm like, no, we're almost done. This is finishing push whenever there's lunch called on me and Michael. Like, why don't we need to eat. When we're done working, what can get done losers? Did you ever have like like living out in LA with the experiences like you ever had any stories of people that you met because of being MacAulay Culkin and going on, like I don't know to the playboy mansion or. Yeah, right here right now. The playboy mansion. Sold it burned down. I'm not sure yet. No, not really. I mean, there's certain times we'll look at those. A lot of people who will have a certain kind of give me a certain kind of shorthand, or they'll automatically just like act like some. Are met me before that kind of just never met me before that are kind of just like they act like we're the oldest of friends going to think. Lou Tubman Phillips do that to me. Plane. He's kind of just like us, I guess. I guess it's the celebrity section, isn't it? I'm sitting in my seat and I'm like, all right, cool. And you. So yes, some people think Latino, but I'm not. I'm Filipino and cool. Really offering all these like weird things, and I'm like, cool, absolute teenager, Craig cool. By the way you learn stuff that I never knew that he was Philippino is thought is Latino. Yeah, no, see our Mexican Chavis in young shabas. Yeah, I just watched again recently has it hold up. All right. One or two beloved here the first one, actually, he's like, listen, it's good eighties kind of popcorn. But at the same time, like I've, I've modeled some of my life off. The rest of is in both of them. Sure. I'll make you famous famous, you know, yet. I use that line in my night. Who promo or. Oh, yeah, famous. It's interesting when you cursing, is it fun to be able to curse wrestling again? And it wasn't like it? Did it like just made it because they made a big, they made a big deal. Swear Akot. And just to express yourself the way that you would normally express yourself? I guess. But yeah, it was kind of fun. But then after I was, I don't want to be like. Wearing guy. You know what I mean? Gaito I think says the f. word every other word. When he's in a ring in Japan, say the effort is like super like, oh my gosh. Oh, he's a so controversial to say the f..

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