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For their coach smuggling ball choosing face looking tail wagging backyard hang and of course companionship and what breed would use a software is I'd have to do with maybe a lavish terrier hounds while looking kind of mix tremendous stuff but also like to point out satchels color white gray brown black brindle simply marvelous you know it's such a treat to watch a job like this action he makes eye contact with this person that actually known as the trickster how intuitive and now he appears to be excited turning in circles the happy dance so common with this group and finally the loving face hi just gets in there and well looks fantastic but really the best way to know an amazing shot a padlock secchia is to meet one visit the shelter pet project dot org today adopt would you buy nice from the Humane Society of United States in the outcome so now nine WBZ newsradio checking sports the Bruins on the road in Chicago beating the Blackhawks two to one Charlie McEvoy's scoring a medic nineteen into overtime giving the Bruins their fifth straight win the Celtics that hitting the magic one sixteen to one hundred for their fifth straight victory Jayson Tatum scoring sixteen of his thirty three points in the second half the blockbuster trade sending Mookie Betts and David price to the Dodgers Boston mayor Marty Walsh weighing in I'm not sure really how to feel about the trade you know he's a great ball player I know that it's a contracting but great ball players like movie a few of five between the key is if if these if these two players they got turned out to be super size and the trade you say it's okay remember the bronze in the bronze trader Joe's on many years ago none of those players mounted into anything wait while we traded the was castle we get some good draft picks you someplace offer that over you know I history of trading people sometimes a win sometimes you don't the mayor run not side with Dan ray last night coming up we'll check traffic whether together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three WBZ traffic time three thirteen we're gonna start trouble west of the city were we've got snow fall it's starting to really pick up west of Sturbridge slowing down the pike route two and ninety one four ninety five has the lays down by the pike in Westborough nine into ninety or okay still south of the city.

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