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Likelihood that those replacements are radical given the appointment of powell i think that risk has gone down and the markets are kind of incorporating that in their outlook for rates per quickly here what's your outlook for tax reform to the likelihood that it happens and what does it mean for the markets here and i apologize thirty seconds to well i think of some form of tax reform probably gets done because politically it suits every wanted to get something done whether that is going we meaningful and will change the direction of the economy i think i'm not so i'm not so sure we will have some deficit some incremental growth some tax reform it doesn't change the direction of markets metairie christian woman thank you so much greatly appreciated youth oppenheimer of funds futures negative 140 futures negative ninety the vix elevated near eleven ten point nine five get the bond market very very quiet you deal with curve flattening twos turns into sixty eight basis points that is a flatter this is bloomberg don't tell us you're not political you'll live here right there is an outside that this deal politics policy and power what there's a diplomatic solution look like without any more as an peter bourne weekdays at noon eastern on bloomberg radio this is a bloomberg market minute president donald trump's china trip ends with few gains on trade or north korea china and the us did announce two hundred fifty three billion and business deals involving us industrial giants such as boeing and general electric and tech companies like qualcomm but many of the deals are tentative agreements that may not be fulfilled retailers are in focus this morning as kohl's falls after it said hurricanes and other turbulent weather offset an otherwise strong back to school season earnings that kohl's fell short of estimates about the ceo said that things did begin to pick up toward the end of the latest quarter macy's reported naysayers that fell short of per share in the latest quarter beat analysts projections stock futures point two losses at the open on wall street s p futures down twelve points nasdaq futures down thirty seven van doubt futures are down eighty nine nymex crude oil is up about three cents at fifty six dollars and eighty four cents a barrel gina sir betty bloomberg.

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