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The western corn bell prior day hauge repored thirty one hundred twenty nine barrels in gilts on a carcass bases reported yesterday base price range sixty six to seventy three fifty weighted average seventy two fifty six forty three cents down lives sales a not reported yesterday for reasons i'm sure you know by now the markets this morning thirty six hundred and thirty nine boroughs in gilts base price rain 72 73 fifty carcass bases again weighted average seventy 300 wait fifty two cents higher lives sales this morning again not enough packers submitting information on the seven hundred sixty five had reported no price information given port carcass cut out two hundred and five pound for carcass fifty three to fifty four percent lean eighty one seventy nine dollars sixty seven higher five day average eighty 162 as we look at box beef information this morning we see that that number for choice sixty nine hundred pounds to all nine ninety forty seven cents higher while select two all three twenty four is down ninety two cents and as we look at some of the information from uh usda on tattle prices in trends today we see the d tn is reporting very slowly i might add chad the information is to the fact that there is very light box movement and no real sales as of yet on on live cattle but we're gonna check one more source here there were a few bids in kansas reported so far in also a few early asking prices asking prices round one thirty in the south us live basis were noted the rest of cattle country very quiet significant trade volume likely delayed until the second half of this week twelve twenty one on the big show clock that is to look at market information brought to you by champion seed every day champions know that winning in the fall starts with the right playbook right now call your champion seed representative or visit plant.

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